Spring Show by Cayuga’s Harlequin Productions Promises the Unexpected

The spring production by Cayuga Community College’s student theatre troupe guarantees audiences a comedic performance filled with unexpected plot twists when it returns to the stage this week.

Harlequin Productions’ spring show, “Not What You Expected,” features four one-act plays rolled into a single performance. The comedies showcase characters attempting to navigate unforeseen and oftentimes complicated circumstances.

The play, which premiered at Cayuga’s Irene A. Bisgrove Theatre on the Auburn Campus on March 7, is scheduled for additional performances on March 14-16 at the same venue. All performances begin at 7:30 p.m.

“Each of these plays offers unique scenarios and characters, but they also offer a joint comedic commentary on situations people land in and the characters surrounding us in those situations. I think the far-fetched plots combine with the emotions the characters are feeling to make the comedies enjoyable and relatable at the same time,” said Director Bob Frame.

The four plays, all from different playwrights, place characters in a variety of odd scenarios. The first play, “I Don’t Know,” features a drill instructor who discovers today’s world is different from when he enlisted in the military. The second production, “Tony and Joey go to Therapy,” shows two bank robbers attempting to escape law enforcement by hiding in a therapist’s office, only to then begin a therapy session.

The other two plays, “Wabi Sabi” and “Birthin’ Baby,” feature stories about an odd collection of characters waiting for a bus and a pregnant woman’s feverish dream about giving birth, her spouse and impending parenthood, respectively.

The cast includes students Zoe Gilcher, Lloyd Rathbun, Kadrian Rossbach, Jane Sullivan and Kyleigh Walton. Frame said each student performs in at least two of the plays.

“The situations in these plays offer students the chance to create different characters, which is a challenge, as is learning how to act in a comedy rather than a drama. These are challenges they’ve enjoyed in rehearsals and in the first week of performances,” said Frame.

For more details about Harlequin Productions, visit https://www.cayuga-cc.edu/students/student-life/harlequin/.