Answers to Admissions most frequently asked questions:

What is Cayuga’s admission application deadline?

Cayuga has a rolling admissions process, which means applications are evaluated as they are received. The only exception is Cayuga’s Nursing AAS Program, which has a separate, competitive admissions process.

How much does it cost to submit an application to Cayuga?

All applications for Cayuga are free of charge.

Should I apply as a new student or transfer student?

Students who earned a high school diploma/GED/TASC and enrolled in college elsewhere must apply as transfer applicants. Students who have never taken college coursework OR have completed college-level courses while in high school should apply as new, first-time students.

I applied for admission to Cayuga. Now what?

Be sure to submit your official high school transcripts/GED/TASC for review. High school transcripts must be sent directly from your high school to the Cayuga Admissions Office to be considered official. They can be emailed to Official mailed documents must arrive in a sealed envelope from your high school.

GED/TASC documents must include passing transcript scores and diploma section. Original GED/TASC documents may be brought to the Admissions Office at either campus, or student copies may be emailed to

Home-school applicants: Request an official letter on district letterhead sent directly from the relevant district superintendent on district letterhead certifying the student has completed the equivalent instruction for a high school diploma pursuant to Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.
Request a completed SUNY Cayuga Community College Home-School Superintendent Sign-Off Form to be sent directly from the relevant district superintendent’s office.

Previous College Credit: If you previously accumulated college, AP or IB credits, forward your official college transcripts as well. We may be able to start you in classes using an unofficial college transcript showing your courses, grades, name and college name (even if in the web address) provided we also have your official high school transcripts. NOTE: The Registrar’s Office will only review official documents sent directly from your previous college for course transfer.

See the enrollment checklist to stay on track during the enrollment process.

How can I check on my application status?

Students typically receive notification of acceptance by email and postal mail within one-two weeks of applying. If you have completed an application, submitted your official high school transcripts/GED/TASC and not heard from the Admissions Office after two weeks, email regarding your status.

How do I know what my next step is?

All students receive a link to an enrollment checklist in their email acceptance notification. Accepted students receive access to an electronic enrollment checklist in myCayuga within a day of acceptance.

I took AP courses in high school. Will they transfer into Cayuga?

Official transcripts/score reports from the College Board are required for awarding transfer credits. Students will need to contact the College Board to order the transcript/score report. Transcripts/score reports should be sent directly to Cayuga. Credits will not be awarded from high school or unofficial transcripts. Entering students are encouraged to request these before advisement at Cayuga. Cayuga requires a minimum score of 3 for equivalency consideration. See Cayuga’s Advanced Placement Equivalency Chart for more information on possible course equivalencies.

I took college courses in high school – will they transfer into Cayuga?

Courses taken through Cayuga will be in our system and do not require a transcript request. Courses taken through other post-secondary institutions accredited by the New York State Education Department or a regional or national accreditation agency recognized by AACRAO require the submission of official transcripts to be evaluated for course credit. Courses that have a grade of C- or higher, as well as courses meeting the student’s program of study requirements, will be considered for transfer into Cayuga. They will appear as transfer credit on an official academic transcript (no grades from previous colleges will be displayed or calculated into the student’s cumulative grade point average at Cayuga). Upon reviewing your transcript(s), credits accepted for transfer into a Cayuga degree program may be viewed in your myCayuga information account.

Please see Cayuga’s Transfer Policy for more information.

Does Cayuga have an Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)?

Yes! Please see the Cayuga Community College EOP webpage for more information and contact Debra Joseph-McEwen, MS Ed, at (315) 294-8567 or with any questions.

When do my classes start?

See the official College Academic Calendar for all important dates and deadlines.

How do I commit to Cayuga?

The best way to commit to Cayuga is to make an appointment to set up your schedule when open registration for your desired semester begins. Students will receive instructions for setting this appointment along with their acceptance notification. See the official College Academic Calendar for open registration dates. Contact the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement with any questions you may have at (315) 294-8523 or

What do I need to submit for admission acceptance if I am homeschooled?

Students looking to matriculate into a degree program, attend full-time, and/or apply for financial aid who cannot provide an official copy of a high school transcript from a NYSED-registered school or GED/TASC must submit one of the following to the Cayuga Community College Admissions Office (197 Franklin Street; Auburn, NY 13021 or

  • an official letter on district letterhead sent directly from the relevant district superintendent certifying the student has completed the equivalent instruction for a high school diploma pursuant to Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.
  • a completed SUNY Cayuga Community College Home-School Superintendent Sign-Off Form to be sent directly from the relevant district superintendent’s office

To begin the matriculation process, complete the free Application for Admission.

Although federal financial assistance is not available for students who cannot supply the documentation listed above, students who can pay for all college costs may be able to enroll in one or more of our courses as a non-matriculated (not a degree-seeking) student. If you would like to enroll in a non-degree course and pay out of pocket, complete the non-degree registration form.

Do I need to take a placement test?

Math and English placements are determined by official transcript review. You can challenge your placement before classes begin. Course placement will be discussed during your initial registration appointment, at which time you may request to challenge your placement by setting an appointment to take the appropriate placement exam.

I’m an adult student. Will the high school still have my transcripts?

Absolutely. We receive transcripts from students well above traditional student age every day. Contact the school district where you graduated for more information.

I set my schedule – now what?

Access myCayuga and Your Virtual Checklist to see what your next steps are in the enrollment process. To log in, an email username and password are sent 1-2 hours after registration to your personal email address on your application. Your Cayuga email address is now your updated Cayuga username. Don’t forget to sign up for text message alerts regarding your bill in myCayuga and Cayuga’s Rave Alert for important College communications.

Do you have transfer agreements?

See our official transfer agreements. In addition to these formal articulation agreements, Cayuga participates in SUNY Seamless Transfer and is a part of the SUNY Guaranteed Admission Program.

Does Cayuga offer scholarship awards and grants?

Yes! In addition to financial aid, Cayuga offers scholarships for both incoming and continuing students.

Can I take a class or two if attending another college?

Absolutely! However, you cannot be in a degree program at more than one college. Students can register for non-degree courses using the Non-Degree (Part-Time) portal. Cayuga welcomes students from other colleges to pay out of pocket or request a consortium agreement to use your financial aid from your current college by contacting Student Financial Services at or (315) 294-8470.

I had an IEP for my high-school classes. Can I use my accommodations at Cayuga?

Cayuga offers appropriate and reasonable academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities. In order to ensure that disability-related accommodations are arranged in a timely manner, new students are encouraged to follow our accessibility process for new students. For more information, contact Accessibility Resources at 315-294-8422 (Auburn) or 315-593-9327 (Fulton).

I previously attended Cayuga. How do I return to classes?

A returning student is an individual who has previously attended Cayuga but not in the most recent semester. If you have been a student in the past, but not the previous semester, you must apply for readmission. Complete and submit the admissions application and indicate you are a re-admit applicant when prompted.