A comprehensive EOP Pre-Freshman Summer Program for our incoming first-time/first-year EOP students will tentatively begin July 10, 2023, and end August 04, 2023.

During the program, student participants will experience an introduction to the campus, departmental resources and the Cayuga campus community. Student participants will actively engage in learning components such as Math, Writing Composition, Computer Literacy and College Success Skills, as well as informative workshops and activities. Students must successfully complete the summer program for acceptance into EOP.

Cayuga student working in the chemistry lab

The program requires student participants to contact EOP to confirm attendance once accepted into EOP (see form below).


All incoming first-time/first-year EOP students attending college on-campus at either the Auburn or Fulton campus will be required to attend and participate in the 4-week on-campus EOP Pre-Freshman Summer Program. The program begins July 10, 2023, and ends August 04, 2023.

Students who are online are required to participate in the 4-week online EOP Pre-freshman Summer Program, which will occur during the same time as the on-campus experiences. You will be introduced to the campus and campus resources, review basic computer, math, writing, college success skills, participate in seminars/workshops and activities, and will be assisted with course registration.

Use this form to confirm your attendance once accepted into EOP.

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