The Campus Services staff handles typing, duplicating, mailings, computer work and revisions, Scantron Optical Reader, telefacsimile, and other appropriate duties when workload permits.

All materials submitted to the Campus Services Office should be legible and well-organized. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for staff to type and copy material. All material duplicated at Cayuga must be directly related to instruction or business activities of the College.


a. Photocopying

Xerox copy machines for staff use are located in the outer office of the Campus Services Office and are available whenever the building is open. The machine operates with a 4-digit code available from Campus Services.

Copying of ten copies or more should be requested from the machine operator in the Campus Services Office by completing a  Photocopy/Typing Request form. Instructors of Sunday classes should submit requests during the week and pick up completed copy requests at the campus switchboard.


b. Copyright

Strict attention should be paid to the copyright law when photocopying copyrighted material. See the Copyright Guidelines for more information.


c. Scantron #8200 Optical Reader (Test Scorer)

The Scantron Optical Reader has the capability of reading/scoring test and surveys. Staff should contact Campus Services for specific details regarding its use. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Campus Services will provide the proper answer sheet forms to staff.  Staff are responsible for making their own “key” for each test/survey. See Campus Services for specifics.
  • Campus Services will run the test/surveys through the Scantron. Staff will not have access to this machine. Twenty-four (24) hour notification is required for the Scantron process.


d. Fax Machine

The Campus Services fax number is (315) 255-2117. When the Campus Services Office receives a fax message, it will be put in the recipient’s mailbox; however, this office cannot deliver messages to individual offices.

To send a fax message, use 8 1/2 “x 11’ white (not colored) paper. The message should be legible and as sharp an image as possible as the machine operates on the basis of contrast. A Completed “fax transmission” form (available in Campus Services) must be included to direct the message to its proper destination.