When a fire alarm sounds, or upon notification by appropriate personnel, staff and students should leave the building by the nearest exit, indicated on evacuation exit maps posted throughout campus, and proceed to a safe zone outside and away from all building entryways, roadways, and sidewalks.  Do not use elevators in an evacuation.  Staff and students may re-enter buildings only after being notified by evacuation marshals or other authorized personnel.



Mobility impaired individuals should be assisted to the nearest exit, if on a ground floor, and assisted directly to a designated safe zone outside the building.

On a floor other than ground level, mobility impaired individuals should be assisted to a designated assembly area. Do not use elevators in an evacuation. At the designated assembly area, an appointed evacuation marshal will facilitate evacuation of the individual. If no evacuation marshal is present, use the red emergency phone to contact the campus switchboard and request assistance.