Adjunct faculty at Cayuga are required to provide a course outline to each student, Division Chair and/or department head at the beginning of each semester.  The course outline will be based on the college-approved course syllabus available from the Division Chair and/or department head.

The Course Outline (minimum requirements)

  1. Instructor Information – how, when, where students may contact the instructor.
  2. Course Description – overview of the class
  3. Course Objectives – observable, assessable outcomes (Student Learning Outcomes)
  4. Required Text and Materials
  5. Criteria for Grading – including all factors that could affect a student’s grade
  6. Course Policies – i.e., attendance, plagiarism, etc.
  7. Course Schedule
  8. Notice of Accommodations to Disabled Students.

It is encouraged to include the following statement in the course outlines, or to share it with students in some other appropriate manner.

Students with disabilities who may need accommodations in the class are invited to contact the Office of Accessibility Resources, located within the Center of Academic Success, to ensure that accommodations are arranged in a timely manner. Arrangement for accommodations is confidential.

Auburn Campus                                                Fulton Campus                                 
315-294-8422                                                         315-593-9327

Adjunct faculty members are encouraged to include a statement outlining their policy addressing academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Procedures for dealing with student misconduct are outlined in the Student Handbook and the Right-to- Know document.

Access to, a subscription database designed to identify projects containing unoriginal material, is available by contacting the Library, ext. 2296.

Adjunct faculty should contact the appropriate Division Chair for a model course outline.