Each semester, there is a designated period of time for current students to register for classes for the next semester (specific dates for advisement and registration are indicated on the academic calendar).  Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the advisement period to get first choice of classes and times that best meet their needs.  Adjunct faculty should encourage students to make advisement and registration appointments with their assigned advisors as this is an important part of keeping students engaged in their education at Cayuga.

Once the advisor assignments are completed students may determine who their advisor is by checking their Unofficial Transcript in Self-Service BANNER. There is a shortage of advisors; therefore not all students are assigned an advisor.  The variables that determine which students are assigned to a designated advisor may change each academic year. Students who are not assigned to an advisor may seek academic advisement by making an appointment with a Student Development Counselor.

All full-time students must be registered by an advisor.  While part-time students are encouraged to seek academic advisement, they are not required to meet with an advisor before registering and may register directly through the Registrar’s office.