All students who apply to Cayuga for matriculation into a degree or certificate program are required to take placement tests in English and mathematics. Any non-degree-seeking student who wishes to take an English or mathematics course must take the placement test prior to registering. Students who have successfully transferred an acceptable college course in English and/or math from another college will not be required to take that portion of the placement testing sequence. The mathematics placement test is waived for students who have taken calculus. These students will automatically be placed in Cayuga’s Calculus I class.  Students who request placement into Calculus II will be given a separate examination by mathematics faculty.

These placement tests will measure students’ skill level in three key areas – reading comprehension, mathematical skill, and overall writing ability. The tests have been developed by the College Board. The system is called ACCUPLACER. The results of these tests will determine which classes students are prepared to take.

Accuplacer tests may be taken a maximum of two times. A third administration will only be authorized 1) after at least one semester has passed, and 2) there is sufficient evidence suggesting that the student is likely to achieve a higher placement test score as a result of a meaningful change in circumstances or additional training/skill development, course or instruction.

Students cannot re-take placement tests to avoid enrolling in a developmental course they have previously enrolled in (after the drop/add period) and either withdrew from or failed.

For information on current cut scores and placement rules, contact the Center for Academic Success.

Placement Appeal Process

An appeal process is available for students who disagree with their course placement. This appeal is directed to the appropriate division chair, and must be evidence-based. Evidence must demonstrate the student’s ability to succeed in the follow-on course. Such evidence may include a high school transcript, SAT/ACT scores, or final grades from other higher education institutions.