If you find it necessary to withdraw from Cayuga, you must complete a Withdrawal Form in consultation with a counselor from the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement. Failure to attend class, notifying an office other than the Registrar’s Office, or simply notifying the instructor is not an official withdrawal, and as such does not qualify for a refund. You must submit your Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office. Tuition refunds are determined by the date notification is received. Check the Refund Schedule for more details. Cayuga does not provide refunds based on medical grounds.

Students receiving Federal financial aid, including loans, who withdraw (officially or unofficially) before completing 60% of the semester will be subject to the return of Title IV funds. The amount returned is based on the percentage of the semester completed. Normally, the student is required to repay a portion of the Federal financial aid which has been disbursed. This calculation is mandated and must be applied regardless of the circumstances for withdrawal.

For more information, contact:

Financial Aid Office


Courses more than 8 weeks in length

  • Before the 1st day of the semester – 100%
  • During the 1st week of scheduled classes – 75%
  • During the 2nd week of scheduled classes – 50%
  • During the 3rd week of scheduled classes – 25%
  • After the 3rd week of scheduled classes – no refund


Courses 8 weeks or less in length

  • Before the 1st scheduled class – 100%
  • During the 1st week of scheduled classes – 25%
  • After the 1st week of scheduled classes – no refund


The following refund schedule applies to credit-free courses.

  • Before the first scheduled class – 100%
  • After the first scheduled class – 0%



If payment to the College was made by personal check, a refund will be made by check a minimum of 10 days after check date. If payment was made by credit card, a refund will be applied to the credit card.

Financial Aid refunds are mailed following the 5th week of the start date of classes.