A student has the ability to authorize a person(s) to be an Authorized Payer(s), allowing the Authorized Payer to view the student’s tuition bill. The Authorized Payer(s) will be able to make a payment on the student’s account using a credit card or e-check. The Authorized Payer and Student will be able to view all payments made to their account by the Authorized Payer.

To become a Authorized Payer, the student needs to enroll the person from their myCayuga account. Once the Authorized Payer is set up they will receive an email with the information regarding the login and web link. The Student creates a temporary password for the Authorized Payer, who will be prompted to create a permanent password at first login. Please do not contact the College for the password; the college will not have access to the password the student set up for the Authorized Payer.

A student can set up as many Authorized Payers as necessary.

How to Set Up an Authorized Payer

To set up an Authorized Payer:

  • Log into myCayuga
  • Click Student Services -> Student QuickLinks -> Business Office tab
  • Click Add Authorized Payers
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red link: Make A Payment/View Your Bill/Sign up for Direct Deposit
  • Click Authorized Payers