Cayuga’s social media presence plays a major role in how students interact with each other and with the College. It has become a powerful method Cayuga to reach our target audiences, whether that be prospective students, current students, or alumni.

Approximately three-quarters prospective students and parents today will research a college online before deciding where to submit their applications. Online reputation is where many College’s have the most impact on customers. Social engagement, customer reviews, and other aspects contribute to a student’s decision on attending.


Here are some suggested hashtags to use when promoting Cayuga Community College on various social media sites.


Suggest others by e-mailing us at


The Marketing and Communications Office will coordinate with faculty, staff, and student to help promote news, activities, and events via social media. If you have an event or activity you would like posted online, send us an e-mailing at Be sure to provide full details (who, what where, when, etc) along with any images you feel we could use.

If individuals or departments are using social media on Cayuga’s behalf, take the time to familiarize yourselves with the following guidelines and posting policies outlined below.


Use “Cayuga” or “Cayuga Community College” when naming social media accounts, or when you are mentioning the College. DO NOT USE “CCC.”

Spelling out either “Cayuga” or “Cayuga Community College” helps to distinguish us from other colleges or universities with “CCC” as initials (like Corning Community College).


All content must relate directly to College business, programs, and services. Content placed by administrators cannot promote individual opinions or causes which are not directly related to College purposes.

Content should be short and written in active voice. Remember to consider the audience; the style and tone of content should be direct and student-oriented.

Participants of the Cayuga Facebook page and those who create pages associated with Cayuga should refer to the employee or student handbook to review College policies.

Because the Cayuga Facebook page and Twitter feed are interactive tools, administrators should monitor the page closely and frequently to supervise user conduct. If you see any questionable behavior, please report it to the Marketing and Communications Office or the Public Safety Office.


Uploaded photos and videos must relate directly to the College and student life and should not be used as a promotional tool for programs, products, or services outside the College. All photos and videos must adhere to existing College policy as found in the employee or student handbook.

Check with all parties involved in the photo or video before posting to social media. Ensure all parties agree that their image will be shared in our social media marketing.


The term “Fan” refers to a member of Facebook that decides to “become a fan” of a particular page. This means that the person is a recognized fan on the page, can interact on the page, and receives updates sent out about events.

On Twitter, a “follower” is someone who will see our tweets (Twitter updates) in the Cayuga personal timeline. Twitter lets you see who you follow and also who is following you. Followers are people who receive other people’s Twitter updates.

Administrators should not censor fans or followers on the College’s Facebook, and Twitter feeds; only edit or remove postings and comments following the terms and conditions of Facebook and Twitter. Each social network established many guidelines in regards to language, posting pictures and videos, and various other topics. Be sure to read these carefully and report fans or followers that violate any terms or conditions.


Existing policies governing student and employee behavior apply to the College’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. The College takes no responsibility for content developed by nonemployees.