If you are seeking support with a Math Specialist, schedule an appointment using ConExEd. To create a ConExEd account, you will click on the Cayuga icon and provide your Cayuga login credentials. It’s that easy! Revisit the appointment link frequently for appointment availability, and note that students can sign up for up to one hour of math tutoring per week on the ConExEd calendar with the Math Specialists.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, contact a Math Specialist directly:

Larraine Mahoney, Math Specialist
(315) 294-8585

Stacey Canino, Math Specialist
(315) 758-0068

NOTE: campus drop-in math tutoring support is not available at this time. Use the links above to schedule a math tutoring appointment or join a drop-in Zoom math tutoring session. Students can also utilize math tutoring through STAR-NY or NetTutor if CAS tutors are not available!