The Cayuga Community College Foundation Brings Syracuse Native and Documentary Filmmaker Eileen Jerrett To Campus as The Brunell Visiting Scholar

Jerrett graduated in 1999 from Mexico High School. Her background in film production started at Cayuga Community College, where she received dual degrees in film and telecommunications before moving to Toronto to pursue her bachelor’s in film production at Ryerson University.

Now a resident of Seattle, Jerrett returned to Auburn last December for a screening of her seventh and most extensive piece, a feature-length documentary that follows the rewriting of Iceland’s constitution after an economic collapse in 2008. Throughout the course of the five-year production, Jerrett visited Iceland three times, each time for about a month, accompanied only by a cinematographer. The film is entitled “Blueberry Soup,” which is an Icelandic comfort food. Jerrett chose the name to reflect a feeling of safeness about the film in which she was asking people to participate.

As the Brunell visiting scholar, Jerrett will spend much of the fall semester holding master classes, sharing her experiences, delivering lectures, hosting faculty enrichment programs and leading discussions for the campus and broader community. She will also be presenting “Blueberry Soup” at Le Moyne, Syracuse University and other colleges.

Upcoming public events with Jerrett this semester include:


September 30, 6:30 pm, Auburn Public Theater

Short documentary screening of “Cut & Paste,” directed by Eileen Jerrett. The film’s main subject, Candy Lucas will be in attendance. Cut & Paste delves into the world of Lucas, an artist from Auburn, who expresses herself through a unique medium-collage. Lucas’ story, and her particular outlook on life, is explored as the vivid worlds she creates in her work are brought to life in this short multimedia documentary. Following the short film on Candy’s work, the audience is invited to walk the short distance to Candy’s home and participate in their very own collage night.


November 11, 6:30 pm, Auburn Public Theater

Two short documentary screenings, “Sex on Wheels” directed by Amanda Feder of Montreal and the “Vagina Slides” directed by Jerrett. The films will be co-presented by the two directors. “Sex on Wheels” documents the role that cycling plays in one woman’s quest for love in the big city. “The Vagina Slides” is set in the 1970s when a human sexuality course was introduced at Concordia College in Canada. The film unravels the story of this boundary-breaking course, the context in which it was developed, and, most importantly, the role that it played in the lives of three students.


December 9, 6:30 pm, Auburn Public Theater

Screening of final student projects from CCC’s Fall 2014 Documentary Course.


Coming Soon to the Auburn Public Theater

Screening of “Blueberry Soup.” This will be the final screening of a four-month screening tour across the U.S. followed by a Q&A with Jerrett.


The Brunell Visiting Scholar program is administered by the Cayuga Community College Foundation. More information about Jerrett can be obtained at