Cayuga Announces New Emerson Scholarship Program

Cayuga Community College and the Cayuga County Community College Foundation are pleased to announce a new scholarship program for deserving high school seniors in Cayuga County who show promise for success in college. The Fred L. Emerson Foundation Academic Scholarship program is being made possible by a generous endowment established by the Fred L. Emerson Foundation, of Auburn, New York.

“A college education has never been more important,” stated Anthony Franceschelli, President of the Fred L. Emerson Foundation. “The Emerson Foundation is pleased to be in a position to help ensure more local high school students with great potential will have the opportunity and support to earn a degree from Cayuga Community College.”

Candidates for this new scholarship must be high school seniors who will enroll as a first-time, full-time student at Cayuga Community College and have a high school average of 75% or above. The equivalent of nine scholarships will be awarded to the most deserving students from the component high schools in Cayuga County. “We are looking for students from throughout Cayuga County who have the potential to succeed in college as demonstrated by their outstanding community involvement, leadership, service or commitment to employment,” said Guy Thomas Cosentino, Executive Director of the College’s Foundation.

Students selected will become “Emerson Scholars” and will have access to college planning support and ongoing advising, as well as what will amount to a debt-free, two-year college education. The Emerson Scholarship will cover both tuition and fees after Federal and state aid and other scholarships have been applied to the student’s account. To maintain the scholarship for two years (four semesters), the scholars must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher each semester. In addition to establishing the scholarship endowment, the Emerson Foundation has graciously funded three years of support for Student Success Advocates who will work closely with the Emerson Scholars to ensure their long-term academic success.

“The partnership with the Fred L. Emerson Foundation will add to Cayuga Community College’s reputation of creating new opportunities for students to get a great education,” said Dr. Brian M. Durant, President of Cayuga Community College. “I’m grateful to the Fred L. Emerson Foundation for making the program possible for deserving scholarship recipients. These students will make Cayuga Community College a stronger institution for everyone.”

Students who wish to apply for the Fred L. Emerson Foundation Academic Scholarship may visit or contact Cayuga Community College’s Admissions Office or call 1-866-598-8883.