Cayuga is Affordable:

As a SUNY community college, Cayuga is one of the most affordable institutions in New York State.

Cayuga Community College Tuition – $4,844 per year
Average SUNY 4-year Tuition – $14,140
Utica College (private college) Tuition – $21,560
Syracuse University Tuition – $52,210

See if you qualify for a Cayuga Presidential Scholarship or other scholarships, which makes Cayuga even more affordable.

Cayuga’s Flexible Schedule meets your needs:

Degrees and courses are available in Auburn, Fulton, and online. And staggered start dates ensure enable students to take classes that fit their schedule.

Cayuga is Student Oriented:

Faculty members help students learn by emphasizing active, collaborative student learning techniques.

Cayuga has Small Classes:

A low 17:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures individualized attention and an ideal learning environment.

Cayuga has Great Professors:

Our faculty hold advanced degrees from universities across the country, and bring a wealth of experience from world to the classroom.

Cayuga Prepares Students for what’s next:

Over 90% of graduates said Cayuga met their educational needs, and 99% would recommend Cayuga to others.

Cayuga Community College… Exactly where I want to be!