Assignment of final course grades is a primary responsibility of the instructor, to which rigorous standards of professionalism and accountability apply.

For those courses which require a comprehensive final examination, the final examination period provided for in the academic calendar will be used.

A comprehensive examination is understood to be one of a summary nature, whether administered by an individual instructor or by a department, which tests students on the entire content, thrust, or sweep of a course and ordinarily occupies more than fifty-five minutes of class time. In contradistinction, a “final test” which reflects only a portion of the course material, such as the last four quarterly tests, and which would not occupy more than fifty-five minutes of class time, would not be considered a comprehensive final examination in this sense, and so would not need to be scheduled during the final examination time frame-although an instructor might choose to do so.

It is assumed that the mode of learning or subject matter of some courses will not lead to a comprehensive final examination, as determined by the division chair in consultation with the faculty teaching those courses and subject to the approval of the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs. It is, therefore, acknowledged that the academic calendar will provide for sufficient class meeting time through the last week of classes to satisfy the state’s minimum clock to credit hour requirement without use of the final examination period.

Instructors whose courses do not culminate in a comprehensive examination might, however, elect to use the final examination period for a last non-comprehensive test, as intended to provide closure to or a summary reflection on the course experience, such as a student sharing or term projects.


Course grades must be submitted to Banner within 48 hours after the final examination is given, or the last day of classes if no final is given during exam week.   Three copies of the final examination must be submitted at the same time.  If no final exam is given, the instructor will be asked to sign a statement to that effect. Completed final exams must be retained for one year.

GRADES WILL BE:  A, A-, B+ B, B-, C+, C, C- D+, D, D-and F with special grades for Incomplete or Withdrawal, Repeated, and Audit.

Auburn Campus: many final examinations are scheduled for Spartan Hall.  Please check with your division chair, the Registrar’s Office, or the Director of Community Education for Spartan Hall exam procedures.  Because a number of different instructors from a variety of courses may be sharing the area  for final examinations, it is important to be aware of the examination procedures.

Adjunct instructors are also required to return their attendance/grade books to the Registrar’s Office/Fulton campus when they submit their final set of grades for the semester.  A copy of the information should be retained for future reference.

Federal law protects the confidentiality of student grades and records.  Except when authorized by the student in writing, such information may not be disclosed to any party other than authorized college staff.