a.  Weather Closings & Delays

The safety of all students and staff is of primary concern in hazardous weather situations. Discussion occurs regularly during the day when a weather emergency potentially could affect College operations.

  • The decision to cancel classes and activities for the day is made by 5:45 a.m.
  • The decision to delay opening a campus is made by 5:45 a.m.
  • The decision to cancel evening classes and activities are made by 4:00 p.m.

Announcements of closings or delays are sent to several media outlets and posted on the College website. Sources of information include:

The College website at www.cayuga-cc.edu – the latest information will appear on the homepage

  • Automated messages on the College phone at
  • (315) 255-1743 for the Auburn Campus
  • (315) 592-4143 for the Fulton Campus

Local radio stations (may provide complete information than TV stations)

  • WMBO/WPCX, Auburn
  • WSYR/WYYY, WBBS, Y94FM, WSEN, WFBL, WNTQ, WAQX, FM 91.3, Syracuse
  • WSFW, WLLW, Seneca Falls
  • WRV96.7FM, Oswego
  • WZZZ, Fulton
  • WGVA, WNYR 98.5FM, Geneva
  • WNYR, Rochester

Area television stations

When an early closing occurs during the day, an e-mail is sent to inform College employees.

b.  Non-Weather Related Closings & Delays

Occasionally, a power outage or other non-weather-related circumstance will necessitate cancellation of classes. In this case, the information will appear first on the College homepage at www.cayuga-cc.edu. If possible (depending on the time of day), information may also be carried on area broadcast stations.