The college vehicles are available to staff members for legitimate College business.  The safety, control and availability of these vehicles is in everyone’s best interest.  Further, the College insurance carrier requires that vehicle drivers be informed of procedures and practices related to the safe operation of College vehicles.

a. Reservations

1.  The College Business Office administers vehicle reservations. Reservations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.  However, reservations for local travel may be “bumped” for long distance travel.

2.  Each staff member requesting a College vehicle must submit his/her current DMV conviction stub and driver’s license for photocopy to the Coordinator of Security.  This is an insurance requirement.  Staff members with major violations may be refused the use of a vehicle.

b.  Availability

1.  College vehicles are located in designated parking spaces adjacent to the tennis courts.  The vehicles should be returned to these spaces and refueled as a courtesy to the next user.

2.  College vehicles are to be used for college business only and are not to be used for personal business.

c.  Rules and Regulations

1.  Report any mechanical or safety problems to the director of buildings and Grounds immediately.

2.  If a staff member is unfamiliar with the vehicle or would like a review of operator controls, the staff member is required to meet with the Director of Buildings and Grounds to review operator controls.

3.  Staff members are prohibited from driving a College vehicle if they have consumed alcohol or drugs, other than prescribed medicine indicating no driving restrictions.

4.  The safe operation of the vehicle is in everyone’s best interest.  All traffic regulations are to be obeyed and seat belt use is mandatory.  Speeding and radar detectors are prohibited.

5.  Unauthorized passengers are prohibited.

6.  Report all accidents immediately to the college Business Office.