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Do's and Don'ts for Theatre Use

Note: For the purpose of this paper, "TD" refers to the CCC Technical Director. Every production should have their own Technical Director on staff with responsibilities to the specific production.

  1. Clear all audition, rehearsal and set construction dates and times with the CCC Technical Director (TD). Please Note: all dates must then be confirmed with the appropriate forms through the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement.
  2. Request advice or assistance from the TD as needed. Please note that the TD's responsibility is to the College not to the show. He does have the authority to "cease and desist" any activities or set pieces that he deems unsafe - the artistry however is all yours. He appreciates invitations to production meetings and schedule permitting will attend.
  3. Request keys from TD for Theatre, Make-up rooms and props cabinet.
  4. Make full use of the facility as set up by the TD.
  5. Request of the TD any changes needed to the facility's equipment set-up.
  6. Report any equipment malfunction or personal injury to the TD as soon as possible.
  7. Inform the TD when you plan to use fire (including candles), pyrotechnics or guns (fired or not) in a production. NOTE: under NO condition can there be a workable firearm onstage - even as a prop. The TD will then evaluate your plan and decide how to best accomplish your special effect.
  8. Request access to the Hearing-Impaired System for performances.
  9. Lock-up all important and valuable props at the end of the evening. Also cover furniture and pit instruments as needed (There may be classes in the Theatre during the day.)
  10. Make sure that all lights are off (except for Stage Right ghost light), that doors are locked and the stage is clear at end of rehearsals and performances. When there is a set on stage the pole ghost light should be placed Center Stage and all set doors propped open.
  11. Consult with the TD at least one week prior to tech weekend if you expect to make use of any college equipment (i.e.: sound system, lights, casters, flats, furniture, scrims, etc.) There is usually no problem but it is courteous to ask first and some equipment needs to be prepared before tech weekend.
  12. Use the stage and black box floors to paint on. DO NOT paint in the hall, on tables, chairs or other "stuff" in the Black Box or stage. NOTE: Spray painting should be done outside - NOT ON THE FLOOR. (Spray paint does not paint over well.) Please plan into tech week (probably after a rehearsal) repainting the stage floor. At strike the floor will need to be touched up and at that point the Black Box floor will also need to be painted. Please purchase 2 gallons of Flat Black Weatherall Exterior Latex (stock # HPX-14) from True Value Hardware. All Blacks are not the same and this is what is required. The Paint can be ordered over the web as the nearest True Value is in Syracuse.
  13. Replace paint and lumber used from the scene shop. Check with TD for what is required.
  14. When in doubt ASK THE TD.
  15. Remember that you are guests of the college.
  1. Make any alteration to the facility. (i.e.: nailing into walls, cutting stage floor, removing light bulbs or switches, etc.)
  2. Show up for Tech weekend barefoot or in open-toed shoes. Long hair should be tied back.
  3. Wash paint brushes, etc. in the sinks in the make-up rooms or bathrooms. Please use the floor sink in the custodial closet.
  4. (Don't) forget that the use of the scene shop is a privilege, not part of the facility rental. The production's TD is responsible for the safe and proper use of all tools, lumber and equipment in the shop. The scene shop and the stage are potentially a dangerous environment during tech construction and must be treated with the proper respect and safety procedures. The scene shop should be cleaned/swept at the end of every workday.
  5. Touch the Fly System.
  6. Use the Genie Personnel Lift without the supervision of the TD.
  7. Pin, paint or otherwise alter the Stage Curtains.
  8. Alter equipment as set up by the TD.
  9. Go into the TD's desk. The red tool box and storage cabinet just inside the tech office has the supplies and tools that are available for use.
  10. Leave a mess in the auditorium, Black Box, Make-up Rooms, Hallways or on stage after rehearsal or performances, as there may be classes during the day. Note: The Custodians do not clean these areas during a run as they may throw away a Prop. They will empty trashcans located throughout the facility. They also do not clean make-up out of the sinks - that is the cast's responsibility! After Tech Sunday the majority of the paints and supplies should be cleaned up - not left for strike. The same for lumber - it should be returned to the scene shop or otherwise stored away.
  11. Request access to the Tech office, Scene Shop or Storage areas from the custodians.
  12. Climb into Cove or Stage Right Gallery.
  13. Indulge in alcohol or drugs on College property.
  14. Smoke in College buildings. During the run, to avoid audience conflict, cast and or crew should smoke outside the custodial area or cafeteria.
  15. Park in the front circle at any time, including weekends. Loading/ unloading is permitted - please inform the receptionist. When finished move vehicle to the parking lot.