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Harlequin Productions Stage Specifications

Harlequin Productions Stage Specifications

  • Stage Specs
  • Stage Details
  • Lighting Control
  • Sound Control
Technical Specifications
Proscenium Width: 30'-6"
Proscenium Height: (max) 15'-6"
Stage Floor to Grid: 22'-0"
S.R. Loading Doors: 5'-6" x 6'-9"
Seating Capacity: 424 + 6 wheelchair spaces
Curtain Line to Back Wall: 20'-0"
Curtain Line to Center Apron: 5'-8"
Stage Height (from Aud. floor) 4'-0"
Line Sets (call for availability): 18
  • Stage is on ground level, approximately 150' from outer doors to stage doors. Carts can be available.
  • Main Curtain is Red Velour. On-stage Curtains are Black Duvetyn.
  • Main Curtain and Mid-stage Traveler are operated from Stage Right.
  • Back Drop can be Black Duvetyn, Natural Muslin, Black Scrim or White Scrim.
  • Crossover is through Black Box immediately UpStage of rear wall of stage.
  • There are 2 - 8 station Make-up/Dressing Rooms with private toilets, showers and sinks.
  • An Audio Monitor/Paging/Intercom System runs throughout the facility. Paging control is located off-stage right. The Intercom System has permanent stations located in the control booth (2), rear of house (House manager), off-stage right and left, make-up rooms and in the Tech Office. Belt packs can be run to other locations as needed.
  • There is a video monitor feed SR and in the Black box.
  • 120V AC outlets located throughout backstage (DR, UR, UL, DL), a 60A 3phase power feed SR
  • Located in booth at rear of house.
  • Control Board is ETC Express 48/96.
  • Newly installed dimmer/circuit system, 162 IGBT 20amp dimmers
  • Followspot is a Lycian SuperArc 400.
  • Please see Instrument and Gel Inventories for more information.

Note: The Theatre is usually hung with General Light plot with 3 color FOH washes, 4 color side FOH washes, 2 color top wash, Pipe End scroller wash, 4 color Back drop wash, and assorted FOH and on-stage specials. For focus there is a Genie personnel lift Ladders: 32'extension, 14' a-frame, steps: 14', 12', 10', (2)8', 6', 4'

  • Located in booth at rear of house.
  • Control board is a 16 channel Soundcraft LX7ii (outs: Mono, L/R, 6 aux)
  • 2- Flown center cluster (Mono feed) Speakers: Wharfedale Pro TWN 12X
  • 2- Wall Mount (L and R send): Speakers: Wharfedale Pro TWN 12X
  • 2- 12” and horn monitors can be placed backstage as needed.
  • Sufficient Amps and EQ's for the systems
  • Outboard Equip.: (2)CD players, Cassette Decks, Mini-Disk, Reel-to-reel, asst. wired/wireless Microphones. PC/Laptop connection available upon request.
  • There are 24 mic lines permanently run to the stage.