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Theatre Scenery Loading and Unloading

The front circle of CCC is the loading and unloading area of scenic pieces and equipment for the needed for performances in the College Theatre. This is the only access to the theatre that is not blocked by stairs or small doors that prohibit the movement of large or heavy scenic pieces.

As this is also a fire lane, the Coordinator of Security has expressed concern over the partial blocking of this lane by vehicles loading/unloading into the theatre, the following are the only accepted procedures for loading materials into the Theatre.

These procedures do not condone the breaking of the law but instead are an attempt at a compromise that allows everyone to do their job with a minimum of inconvenience while still being aware of the possibility of an emergency. Every attempt will be made by the theatre staff to inform performing groups from off campus of these regulations.

Please note that these procedures do not cover equipment and lumber that load into the scene shop in the boiler room.

Vehicles delivering or picking up large equipment/scenery for the CCC Theatre may “stand” in the front circle of the approximately 50 feet west of the main entrance. Vehicles will not block the area directly in front of the main Building or bus stop area. The vehicle’s 4-way flashers must be on while standing in the designated area.

The driver will inform the receptionist at the front information desk of that they are temporarily parked in the fire lane. The receptionist will then notify the on-duty campus police officer or the Coordinator of Public Safety of the situation. Immediately upon completion of the load/unload the vehicle will be removed to the appropriate parking area.

This is the typical method for the loading and unloading of large scenery/equipment for the theatre. Hand carried items and small packages for delivery should be made through the maintenance delivery area.