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Black Box Tech Specs

Black Box Tech Specs



NSI 24 channel MC 7024- 2 Scene Preset


(12) EDI 1KW dimmers

(3) NSI 4 pack portable 600W dimmers


(12) 6" 500W Altman ERS (360/360Q) with barrel choices of 4.5X 7.5 and 6x9

(12) 6" 500W Fresnels (old style)



StudioMaster Diamond Pro Series, 12 channel in, 4 aux outs, L/R and Mono Main outs

Amp Rack:

Crown DC 300, BI-Amp AX 600, ART 1/3 octave dual EQ, Juice Goose power conditioner


(4) Altec-Lansing Voice of the Theatre Cabinets (2- 15" base bin, 2-15" speaker with 1" horn)

(2) Altec-Lansing 2" horn cabinet

(2) generic 12" plus horn, (can be floor monitors or on poles)

Outboard Gear:

(1) Alesis MicroVerb effects unit

(1) Teac CD Player CD-P1100

Other Specs

  • Plugs are 2prong. Have adapters to most other standard styles.
  • Portions of the full Theatre inventory may be available, see the Inventory for specifications.
  • Lights are hung from a grid and pipes,
    dead hung at 17'

The Black Box Theatre was built in 1982. It is a 21' by 50' space which is designed to be flexible in its use. Much of the time the Black Box serves as a cross over and green room for the main stage but many productions in various formats have been produced in this space over the years.

End stage, 3/4 thrust, alley and in-the round are example of how the space has been used for live theatre and acoustic performances.

A Harlequin Production performance is staged here at least every other year to give the students a taste of performing in an intimate environment. Depending upon the staging, seating can be built to hold 40–75 people.