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Due to maintenance of our physical plant, ALL IT services will be unavailable starting 4 PM on FRIDAY, MAY 29, including BlackBoard, MyCayuga, and E-mail.

The full website and online Admissions application will also be unavailable during this time.

All IT services will be restored by 8 AM, Monday, June 1. IT will be working to bring services back online as quickly as possible. Status updates will be found at the College web page.

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Advisor’s Office Location

Please refer to the listing below for your Advisor's office location and campus. You can search the College’s diretory to find your Advisor’s e-mail address or phone number to contact them. You can also download a map which includes the office locations.


Updated: 10-23-2013

Advisor Location Campus
Adsitt, Nicole M-264 Auburn
Alfieri, Linda Spartan Hall 118 Auburn
Badruddin, Abu M274 Auburn
Blodgett, Bruce M228B / F272 Both
Blowers, Jerimy M224 (Student Engagement) Auburn
Bower, Richard F242 Fulton
Bulkot, Mary T207 Auburn
Campanella, Judy F172 (Library) Fulton
Campbell, James T106 Auburn
Campbell, John M276 Auburn
Carabajal, Dia F248 Fulton
Casella, Tom M253 Auburn
Coolican, Sharon T303 Auburn
Cortese,Michael M149 Auburn
Czoloski, Dawn T308 Auburn
D'Arcy, Christopher F243 Fulton
Davenport, Sara Library Auburn
Devereaux, Margaret L120 (Library) Auburn
Dixe, Gina M224 (Student Engagement) Auburn
Driscoll, Mary Spartan Hall 117 Auburn
Felter, Maryanne L215 Auburn
Fitzgerald, Barry T304 Auburn
Forrest, Brenda M326 Auburn
Foster, Cheryl T107 Auburn
Gilmore, Sue T303 Auburn
Grella, Karen CAS/ F185 (Learning Commons) Both
Gridley, Pat L112 Auburn
Gross, Kathy T203 Auburn
Grube, Ron T213 Auburn
Hoercher, Teresa L222 Auburn
Humphrey, Joel F240 Fulton
Humphrey,Robert F240 Fulton
Johnson, Kirstan F245 Fulton
Johnson, Melissa M253 Auburn
Karle, Tom T310 Auburn
Keeler, Steve T103 Auburn
Kellington, Jennifer F247 Fulton
Kiernan, Jane T107 Auburn
Kimbell, Linda F251 Fulton
Kowalski, Ed M316 Auburn
Kupp, Terry L222 (CAS) Auburn
Leary, Leslie M322 Auburn
Lee, Norman M224 (Student Engagement) Auburn
Leo, Daniel F252 Fulton
Liddell, Peter Spartan Hall 18 Auburn
MacDonald, James T332 Auburn
Marsh, Aaron F-140 Fulton
McCormick, Liz F248 Fulton
McCurdy, Patricia F183 Fulton
Meyers, Joan F245 Fulton
Miller, Loraine M250 Auburn
Misiaszek, Theresa T104 Auburn
Montgomery, Mark L218 Auburn
Myers, Sheila M316 Auburn
Nelson, Janet M316 Auburn
Nichols, Jennifer F246 Fulton
Nolan, Paul F242 Fulton
O’Brien, Don M239 Auburn
Osborne, Meg M224 (Student Engagement) Auburn
Pacelli, Mike T206 Auburn
Pallokat, Melanie M322 Auburn
Powers-Burdick, Pat F286 (Student Engagement) Fulton
Prosser, Bill T106 Fulton
Racko, Vita F283 (Student Engagement) Fulton
Reohr, Shannon T203 Auburn
Richardson, Paul M310 Auburn
Rooker, Linda Spartan Hall 115 Auburn
Rowley, Kelley F250 Fulton
Seton Mignacca, Elizabeth M256 Auburn
Shea, Jeffrey F241 Fulton
Sipling, Kathy F173 Fulton
Speech, Michelle F282 (Student Engagment) Fulton
Thomas, Nathan F243 or M313 Both
Torrisi, Robert F244 Fulton
Tratt, AJ T206 Auburn
Valdina, Diana T208 Auburn
Valente, Amy T307 Auburn
Villars, Laura M264 Auburn
Wagner, Ed L219 Auburn
Warren, Paul F241 Fulton
Waters, Christie M256 Auburn
Wellauer, Michael M322 Auburn
Weatherstone, Delecia Spartan Hall 116 Auburn
Wolstenholme, Susan L213 Auburn
Yaw, Sarah L264 Fulton
Zich, Michael F249 Fulton
Zizza, Eric M224 (Student Engagement) Auburn