Walt's 2004 Secret Santa Sale

Photos from Secret Santa sale at Walt's Hobbies.

Click on a photo to get a larger version of the photo (1600x1200).

Model of a CH-46 helicopter. One motor driving two rotors. Really neat. The body (unpainted) is to the left of the 'copter.
A nice model of a warship. The pictures are a little fuzzy, but the detail on this ship is quite impressive.
A front view of the warship.
Nice model of a wood boat.
A second nice model of a wood boat.
A third nice model of a wood boat.
A different kind of boat. Wish I had talked w/the owner of this one.
Rich in the Syracuse Rocket Club booth.
Yours truly (David) in the Syracuse Rocket Club booth.
An amazing dinosaur hatching. I wish I'd taken a few more photos of this ... it looked very real.
A half scale radio controlled racing car. Very nice. Hasn't raced it yet, but he thinks it'll do 40mph.
Front view of the racing car. Note what is in front of the car ...
A mini jack! Believe it or not, Sears actually sell this!
Quique Somenzini actually was flying inside Walt's! Yes, the photo just shows the airplane standing on its tail, but he was actually flying the airplane in a figure 8!
I thought this small helicopter was cool.
Someone actually brought a train setup.
I wish this wasn't fuzzy.
Overall shot of the train setup. Had to be 6 feet long easy, three-plus feet wide.
Doesn't look like much, does it? Don't let the looks fool you ... these TufFlight planes are, well, tough!