SCIPower 2006 Pictures

Pictures by Denni Harbaugh unless otherwise noted

A man and his rocket 060702.jpg
All laid out beautifully 060702.jpg
Beautiful flight 060702.jpg
Beautiful flight 2 060702.jpg
Checking the tilt 060702.jpg
Coming down nice and easy 060702.jpg
Da Bubbas.jpg
Endeavor on launch pad 02 070106.jpg
Endeavor on launch pad 070106.jpg
Engine mount post-flight 060702.jpg
Freakin' altimiter 070106.jpg
Getting started 070106.jpg
Greg's Nike under Chute 060702.jpg
Greg's Nike under Thrust 060702.jpg
Jake and Endeavor 070106.jpg
Jake and Rich approaching launch pad 060702.jpg
Jake taking Endeavor to the launch pad 070106.jpg
Let's connect those electronics 060702.jpg
Magnum on Wimpy Red K516 (Adam Selene).jpg
Magnum on Wimpy Red K516.jpg
Mid section post-flight 060702.jpg
Mike's Bull Pup 060702.jpg
Nice soft landing 060702.jpg
No damage.jpg
Nose cone and chute post-flight 060702.jpg
Pad 24 ready to go 060702.jpg
Poor Endeavor 070106.jpg
Ready to go 060702.jpg
Rich and Steve 070106.jpg
Rich rocket 070106.jpg
Steve's Level 3 02 070106.jpg
Steve's Level 3 03 070106.jpg
Steve's Level 3 04 070106.jpg
Steve's Level 3 05 070106.jpg
Steve's Level 3 06 070106.jpg
Steve's Level 3 07 070106.jpg
Steve's Level 3 070106.jpg
Steve's Level 3 08 070106.jpg
The Scene 070106.jpg
The triumphant return of Steve's Level 3 070106.jpg
Theo's rocket 070106.jpg
There she goes 060702.jpg
Um ... Endeavor 070106.jpg
We have a main chute 060702.jpg
We have seperation 060702.jpg