Well, we had a small, inexpensive (but very nice) wedding. All the money went into our honeymoon. The plan was to spent 5 days (4 nights) in the Poconos at Caeser's Resorts, and then spend 2 days at a hotel in Rochester, NY. To finish the Honeymoon off, we were going to spend a week at Letchworth State Park.

As I said, that was the plan.

Our time in the Poconos went great. Our room, the meals, everything was just great. The hotel in Rochester was very nice. We had a nice time looking around at all the malls and such. Then came Letchworth.

First, Letchworth Park is a great place to visit. It's no exaggeration that its been called "The Grand Canyon of the East." It truly is beautiful. That's why we choose it. Hiking, Bike Riding, Museums and Historical Places, and ... what they call, cabins.

We got to the park, signed in, and got directions to our cabin. I was a little worried when they directed us to the other side of the park. I'd never been on that side before.

After about 35-40 minutes, we pulled up to our "cabin". It looked more like a storage shack. Not at all what I expected. It had electricity, a refrigerator (that didn't work), and was about 15-20 minutes from the showers (one way). I looked at my wife, and she said "I hate it." Those words were the second most lovely words my wife ever spoke. The first being "I do" just a week before.

We high tailed it out of Letchworth, stopping back at the Registration Center to tell them our problem and to get our money back. We went home, unpacked, and crashed in on our Nephew's birthday party, much to everyone's surprise.

Since we had a week free, my in-laws (who I get along with very well) wondered if we wanted to take a trip up into Alex Bay in the Thousand Islands. We agreed, had a wonderful time.

Denni and David on their Honeymoon

We did all the tourist type stuff: Uncle Sam Boat Tour (hence, the picture), Boldt Castle, the 1000 Islands Sky Deck, among others. We even agreed to spend an extra day up in Massena, and went to the Eisenhower Lock and watched a few big lakers go through the locks. You even get to drive your car under the part of the river that leads to the lock! We also toured the St. Lawrence-FDR Power Project damn. That was impressive too!

So know you know how my Mother-in-Law took a picture of me and my wife on our honeymoon.

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