Denni & David's Germany pictures!

Monday August 8 First we went up to Niederwalddenkmal, a monument up on Niederwald summit overlooking the Rhein valley. We then went into Rüdesheim, a small town on the Rhein, and walked around looking at the buildings and shops. We ate lunch in the International restaurant and heard a guitar player singing La Bamba in Spanish with a German accent! Later in walking around, we heard an Oom Pah Pah band playing Glenn Miller's In The Mood. Very eclectic!
Tuesday August 9 Went to Frankfurt today ... big city with some really nice buildings in the older section. It is called Germany's Mainhatten, because it has lots of skyscrapers and is on the Main river. Ate lunch at a nice restraunt in the older section ... waitress spotted us as Americans right off!
Wednesday August 10 Today we went to Heidelberg Castle. It is in ruins today. During the Thirty Years War, it was burned down (except for the stone, of course). Then it was rebuilt and added on to, then was burned down by the French in the War of Orleans Succession. Then it was rebuilt again, and was hit by lightning and burned to what is left today.
Thursday August 11 The pictures today will be somewhat disappointing. We visited the Dom, which is an enormous cathedral in Cologne. The pictures are disappointing because they can't begin to capture the scope of this beautiful building. So we bought a book with professional photographs in it, and decided to show these pics as proof of actually being there!
Friday August 12 Würzburg was our destination today, and it doesn't disappoint! We spent the day wandering its streets and soaking up the atmosphere. The pace here is more relaxed than the rest of Germany (which is already relaxed!).
Saturday August 13 Today we took a cruise down the Rhein River to see the castles. And today was the first day we were accompanied by Daisy! She was very excited. Fair warning, there are A LOT of photos for today!
Sunday August 14 We have no photos for today. We're on the road! It took 4.5 to 5 hours to get down to Garmish-Partenkirche. We checked in and got settled, then ventured out for dinner. All the shops are closed on Sunday, so we went back to our room (it was raining) and retired.
Monday August 15 Today we went to the top of the Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany, up 2640 meters (8661 feet for the metric impaired). It was awesome!
Tuesday August 16 Today we went to two castles of King Ludwig II -- Hohenschwangau, the home he grew up in, and Neuschwanstein, his dream castle. The weather was terrible. It rained constantly. And since they wouldn't allow pictures to be taken inside, we bought beautiful books with lovely pictures!
Wednesday August 17 Today we were in Triberg, and we went to their waterfalls. The falls are the tallest falls in Germany, measured top to bottom. The rest of the day was spent shopping -- YES!! Primary goal was accomplished -- we purchased a cuckoo clock! And the store will ship it to us -- hooray! See a picture of our cuckoo clock.
Thursday August 18 Our last day! How can it be over already -- we just got here! Today was spent mostly shopping, then relaxing at home. We are so grateful to have an American home as our base while in Germany. We had such a great time!! And thanks to everyone that shared our pictures with us!! Enjoy our last day!