2005 BRS Experimental Launch

On Friday, May 20th, 2005, the Buffalo Rocket Society hosted an Experimental Launch at Geneseo. Rich Pitzeruse, Theo McDonnald and I (David Harbaugh) went. Theo flew his sugar motors, while Rich few his AP motors.

Other people where there too. Two of them were John Ritz, who few two or three rockets, and Kevin Cuomo, who flew at least one rocket.

This is Kevin Cuomo's rocket. Real nice flight, but I believe it landed in water, and the electronics and video camera both got wet.
I think this is one of John Ritz's rockets.
Theo's sparky sugar motor. Motor was a 38mm I (I think). Really nice.
Rich's EX rocket. One 75mm M with 4 38mm I motors. The M was lit on the ground. Two 6 grain I motors lit electronically when launch was detected, while the two 4 grain I motors lit 3 seconds after launch detected. Great flight.
I lost the larger version of this shot. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The purple flame is from Purple Punch propellent shavings used to augment the ignitor.

My LOC Minie Magg waiting to go up on the first flight of John Demar's Purple Punch.
My heart stopped beating for half a second when I saw the Minie Magg take a turn toward the patch of trees to the east of the field. While not a picture perfect flight, I did get it back.