Last Updated: 3/9/2006.

I work here at Cayuga Community College, and have since January 1988. I'm the College's Network Administrator.

David and Denni on their Honeymoon I got married on 7/1/95, and here's a picture from our honeymoon. Not a good picture of me, but a good picture of my wife. Just in case you can't tell, I'm on the left, and Denni (my wife, of course) is on the right. The picture was taken in the 1000 Islands on a Uncle Sam boat tour. My mother-in-law took the picture. Yes, my in-laws came along for part of the Honeymoon, but that is quite a long tale to tell ... go ahead and read it if you want.

Simba with Poor Cow Our older cat Simba (10 years old in 2006). He was a stray that wandered into our yard one blustery winter day. We just had to take him in ... shivering, wet and cold ... the poor thing.

My wife tells the "story" that Simba wandered into our yard on a very, very, very hot and muggy August afternoon. Don't believe her. My story is more interesting.

Underneath Simba is Poor Cow, one of Simba's favorite stuffed animals (out of two).

Clarabelle Princess Clarabelle is a longhair calico. Yes, Princess Clarabelle. She truly believes she is royalty. She's younger than Simba (5 years old in 2006). We got her from Lollypop Farm. She was content to let Denni hold her at Lollypop Farm for a long time (15-20 minutes). Once we took her home, she doesn't let Denni hold her for very long anymore ... but she is getting better about it.

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