BFR Registration Form

The rocket isn't built yet, so some of this information will change. But the sarcasm will remain.

Full Name:
David Harbaugh

Mr. SRC Prefect, Mr. SRC President, Jake, C Snot, LinuxAce

Phone Number:
(not gonna put this on the web)

Email Address:
dlhjake [[AT]], dlh [[AT]]

NAR/TRA Number:
NAR 74389 / TRA 10286

NAR/ TRA Level:
2 / 2

Is this a certification flight:
Lord Willing.

Is this a certification flight attempt:

What Level:

Rocket Name:
Grounds for Divorce (Yes, that's a joke ... at least I think my wife was joking).

Rocket Size:
11.5 feet tall (give or take), 11.5 inches in diameter (that's set in stone ... well, plastic and phenolic).

Rocket Weight, (unloaded), (loaded):
unknown (I assume about 75 pounds unloaded).

Shoe Size:
9 give or take 1/2 a size. Really depends on the cut of the shoe, and what's available. Slightly bigger is better than slightly smaller, but that's kinda obvious, so I probably don't need to say that.

Motors Used:
An AMW N2700-BB.

Total Impulse:
11,450ns (2,575lb-s).

Altitude expected:
About 5200 feet.

Sims Used:
RockSim and wRASP

Altimeters used:
PerfectFlite miniAlt/WD and a MissileWorks RRC2-mini.

Describe Recovery System:
Tubular Nylon, Quick links, U-Bolts, a small drogue parachute, and a large main parachute.

How Many Separate Parts Descending:
I'm using a deployment bag like my idol, Rich Pitzeruse, so the nose cone will recover on its own chute. But then again, he's a Dumas, so perhaps I shouldn't. Wait ... am I a Dumas?

Has this rocket flown in this configuration before?
Nope. This will be the first flight.

Are you a Momma's Boy, (or Girl)?
Nope. And if you don't believe me, ask my mother.

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