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I purchased a 11.5 inch nose cone from another Syracuse Rocket Club member. The plan was to someday use it for my L3 rocket. Someday has arrived.

The Plan

The plan is to fly my L3 in 2009 at NYPower.

The Rocket - Grounds for Divorce

The rocket is going to be around 11.5 foot tall, and be 11.5 inch diameter rocket with four fins named Grounds for Divorce.


I've ordered a bunch of stuff from Red Arrow Hobbies:

More stuff purchased at Pittsford Lumber:

Rail buttons purchased from John DeMar.

Missile Works RRC2-mini Altimeter and PerfectFlite Altimeter.

Still need to get:

Still need to decide on:

Rocksim File

The graphic below is the analysis picture from Rocksim. Select the graphic to get the file. You'll need Rocksim to view the file. Updated March 28th 2009 (now includes the 54mm outboards)!

Rock Sim Analysis Graphic

BFR Registration Form

The original plan was to fly this rocket at NYPOWER 13. The BFR committee wants to see some basic information about the rocket and planned flight. This is my posting to the NYPOWER BFR forum. It will be updated as things get decided.

BFR Registration Form


Updated March 27th 2009!


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