CCC's GIS Graduates

Kristen Cole
Geographic Analyst
Albany, NY

Graduated from CCC in 2002 and transferred to SUNY ESF where she completed her B.S. in 2004.

In her own words:

Since graduating I have found that GIS has become a very prevalent part of today's society. I am very grateful for all of the education and experiences I have had over the past few years. Thank you to all that were involved and good luck to those just getting started. There are a lot of great opportunities out there with geographic information technology.

Sid Cuff
GIS Analyst
Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology (IAGT)
Auburn, NY

2002 Graduate of Cayuga's GIS program. Started his career at IAGT soon after graduation.

In his own words:
You can taylor GIS to anything that you want. So if you like sciences, you can taylor GIS for sciences. If you like business, you can taylor GIS for businesses. CCC is the perfect place to go for a GIS program!

Michael Holmes
Software Engineer
Immediate Mailing Services Inc.
Liverpool, NY

Graduated from CCC in 2003. Worked as a GIS Intern, Technician, and Programmer Analyst at IAGT before taking the current position.

In his own words:
I have seen GIS technology become more and more integrated in everyday applications. Currently I'm employed as a Software Engineer in the mail services industry. My responsibilities are focused on developing an automated file tracking system utilizing Microsoft's .NET Platform. I believe my education and experiences in the GIS field is what has allowed me to get where I am today.

Bill Schultz
Database Administrator
Home Properties, Rochester, NY

2003 Graduate of Cayuga's GIS program. Transferred to SUNY ESF and completed B.S. in Environmental Studies (GIT option) in 2005. Recipient of CCC's Ralf Standbrook scholarship for an outstanding GIS student

In his own words:
The GIS/GIT industry has opened many doors for me. The technology involved with the field incorporates information and technology from many disciplines. The opportunities provided to me through my GIS experience have brought me to the next level in my education and career and have encouraged me to keep learning beyond my experiences at Cayuga Community College

Greg Sears
Distribution Manager, The Citizen
Auburn, NY

Graduated in 2004 and created his own job in "The Citizen" while finishing his final GIS project at CCC titled "Market Penetration". In his GIS project, Greg studied the distribution of the Citizen (newspaper) subscriber and created a map showing the potential areas for targeted marketing to expand the subscriber base in the city of Auburn.

In his own words:
When I took my courses at Cayuga, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. Using GIS in a newspaper industry, there are so many applications. It's all about how you view what GIS is.


Steve Smith
GIS Specialist,
Real Property Tax Services
Oswego County, NY

2004 Graduate of Cayuga's GIS program. Spend a year at the University of Hawai and then completed his BS in geology from SUNY Oswego.

In his own words:
I am responsible for updating and maintaining the GIS Parcel Viewer and assisting the GIS Map Technicians. Assisting the town assessors by creating GIS maps for their specific needs.

Michelle Bunny
GIS Specialist, Department of Planning
Jefferson County, Watertown, NY

2004 Graduate of Cayuga's GIS program. Recipient of CCC's Ralf Standbrook scholarship for an outstanding GIS student

In her own words:

Jean Miller
GIS Technician

Cayuga County Office of Real Property Services
Auburn, NY

Graduated from CCC in 2006 and started her career as a GIS technician with IAGT. Moved to her current position in 2008

In her own words:
GIS was a fresh start for me after working in the retail industry for several years. Attending CCC was a great experience. The applications I learned, not only for GIS, have helped me gain a lot of real world experience at IAGT.

Mike Hoyt
GIS Technician
City of Watertown, NY

Unlike many others, Mike came to CCC with a 4 year degree and graduated in 2007 with an AS degree in GIS. He started a new career as a GIS technician soon after graduation

In his own words:
I am fortunate to be working as part of the GIS department of the City of Watertown. I work with a truly adept GIS engineer utilizing a RTK GPS system capable of sub-centimeter precision. I enjoyed my years of study at CCC and can recommend GIS as a rewarding career path, both financially and mentally.

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