GIS 220: Advanced GIS

Instructor: Abu Badruddin
Office: M274
Live: (315) 294-8610
Fax : (315) 255- 2117




Course Purpose:

This is a senior level GIS course that will focus on advanced topics in GIS including planning, management, raster-vector integration, and data quality issues. Students will learn how to do customization, spatial modeling, advanced editing and database query mainly in ArcGIS environment. Basic techniques of GPS data collection will also be introduced. Students will learn how to bring all the pieces of Geographic Information Technologies together for advanced analysis and modeling.

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, students will:
  1. have a complete picture of existing data models in GIS and their inherent advantages and limitations
  2. understand and be able use typical GIS packages both in raster and vector worlds and their integration in order to meet the specific needs in resource analysis and management
  3. be able to use common GPS receivers and associated software to collect, process, and integrate geospatial data
  4. gain skills in advanced use of ArcGIS for spatial analysis and modeling

Laboratory Exercise:

Each lab assignment is due in the following week and late submission will not be accepted except in case of an emergency. Completing all the assignments will keep you occupied and it will require several hours beyond the class time.

GIS Project:

An important objective of the GIS Project is to gain practical experience in solving real world problems with real data. This will be a capstone project, which will bring together all of the skills and techniques that students have learned over the past few semesters in GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, and in other related fields.


*** The above grading is subject to change at the instructor's discretion ***


GIS 220: Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Lecture Topics Outline

Week 1 Course Introduction and Demonstration

Week 2

Geocoding in ArcGIS (Chapter 10)


Week 3 Introduction to Spatial Analyst

Week 4 Spatial operation with Map Algebra
Week 5 Modeling in ArcGIS

Week 6 Spatial Prediction


Week 8 Building Geodatabase

Week 9 Creating and editing features in Geodatabase

Week 11 Basic Editing in ArcMap
Week 12 Advanced Editing Techniques

Week 13 Advanced Mapping Techniques

Week 14 Introduction to GPS

Week 15 GPS data collection and processing

Week 16

Review & Project Presentation


Week 17 FINAL

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