GIS205: Introduction to Vector GIS

Instructor: Dr. Abu Badruddin
Office: 274 Main Building
Live: (315) 255-1743
Fax : (315) 255-2117



Mastering ArcGIS
Maribeth price, 7th Edition, McGraw Hill (required)

Geographic Information Systems: A Management Perspective
S. Aronoff, WDL Publications, Ottawa, Canada. (recommended)

Catalog Description:

This course is designed to expose the senior students to the power and application of vector GIS, particularly ArcGIS. Theories and concepts of GIS will be reinforced with hands-on training for automating, editing, manipulating, and analyzing geographic data in vector domain. Two class hours and two lab hours weekly.

Course Objectives:

  1. To introduce students to the basic structures and functionalities of vector GISs.
  2. To provide students with hands-on training for automating, editing, manipulating, and analyzing spatial data using commercially available GIS Software.
  3. To provide GIS students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become professionals in the rapidly emerging field of GIS.


  • EXAM................ 60%
  • Lab exercises...... 30%
  • Quizzes............... 10%

*** The above grading is subject to change at the instructor's discretion ***


  • A three ring binder for an orderly organization of class materials

GIS 205: Intro to Vector GIS
Lecture Topics Outline
Week 1

Course Introduction & Demonstration

Week 2

Introdiction to GIS data models (Chapter 1)


Week 3

Exploring ArcMap (Chapter 2)


Week 4

Projections and Coordinate Systems (Chapter 3)


Week 5

Map Symbolization and Classification (Chapter 4)


Week 6

Working with Tables in ArcMap (Chapter 5)


Week 7

Queries on tables (cont.)


Week 8



Week 9 Spatial & Attribute Query (Chapter 6)

Week 10

Spatial & Attribute Query (cont.)


Week 11

Spatial joins (Chapter 7)

Week 12

Overlay Analysis (Chapter 8)

Week 13 Thanksgiving/ Overlay Analysis (cont.)

Week 14

Map composition in ArcMap (Chapter 9)


Week 15

Reviews/Spatial problems


Week 16

Final Exam


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