GIS122: Spatial Modeling with Raster GIS

Instructor: Dr. Abu Badruddin
Office: M274 (Main Building)
Live: (315) 255-1743
Fax : (315) 255-2117



There is no single textbook for this class. Required reading materials will be given in the class or be placed on reserve at the library


  1. Geographic Information Systems: An Introduction
    Jeffrey Star and John Estes, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs
  2. Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
    Michael DeMers, John Wiley & Sons, New York
  3. Principles of Geographical Information Systems for Land Resources Assessment
    P.A. Burrough and Rachael McDonnell, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press

Course Purpose:

This course is an introduction to spatial modeling using raster GIS. Basic theories and concepts of spatial modeling will be discussed and students will learn how to use various modeling techniques available in a raster GIS for solving complex environmental and management problems.

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, students will:
  1. be aware about the basic structures and functionality of raster GISs.
  2. understand, at an introductory level, the nature, characteristics, specification, types, acquisition, processing, organization, and management of spatial or geographic data.
  3. be able use a typical raster GIS package (IDRISI) for spatial modeling.

Laboratory Exercise:

Each lab assignment will be considered as an exercise and is due following week. Late submission will not be accepted! Please see me if you have an emergency. Laboratory exercises will contribute substantially to your course grade. Students may be asked to repeat work that is not satisfactory.


  • EXAM................50%
  • Lab exercises.......50%

*** The above grading is subject to change at the instructor's discretion ***


  • A three-ring binder for the class notes, handouts, quizzes, exams, and exercises
  • Logbook for recording operation, steps, filenames, and problems

GIS:122: Spatial Modeling with Raster GIS
Lecture Topics Outline

Week 1 Introduction to spatial modeling and raster GIS
LAB: Introduction to IDRISI

Week 2 Data structure and automation
LAB: Creating digital data layers

Week 3 Raster Data and File Types, Sources of GIS Data
LAB: Input and Viewing Cartographic Data

Week 4 Data Types, Encoding techniques, and Entry Methods
LAB: Analysis and manipulation of spatial data

Week 5 Logical Operations and Map Overlay
Lab: Reclass and Overlay

Week 6 DEM and Surface Analysis
Lab: Generating Slope, Aspect, and new data layers from existing digital data

Week 7

Written Part (closed book) and Computer Part(open book)

Week 8 Modeling with overlay
Lab: Selecting suitable sites
Week 9 Spatial query
Lab: Reclassification and grouping
Week 10 Viewshed and Watershed Analysis
Lab: Multicriteria decision making in a GIS
Week 11 Siting problems and Proximity analysis
Lab: Selecting suitable sites for Landfill

Week 13 Satellite Image and GIS Data
Lab: Feature detection

Week 14 Change Detection
Lab: Detection and monitoring urban growth and development
Week 15 Map making process and presentation
Lab: Map composition
Week 16 Review and mock exam
Week 17


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