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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for October 2, 2013

Minutes of the special meeting of the Board of Trustees held Wednesday, October 2, 2013, in the in Business Industry Center, James T. Walsh Regional Economic Center on the Auburn Campus.



  • Mrs. Jane Bowen
  • Mr. John M. Camardo
  • Mrs. Melina Carnicelli
  • Mr. Jeffrey Edwards
  • Hon. George C. Fearon
  • Mr. John A. Karpinski
  • Mr. Stanley J. Kott
  • Dr. Linda P. Van Buskirk


  • Mr. John J. Klink




  • Dr. Daniel P. Larson, President
  • Dr. Anne J. Herron, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Diane L. Hutchinson, Vice President of Administration & Treasurer
  • Jeffrey E. Rosenthal, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Jeffrey Hoffman, Executive Director of College Foundation
  • Scott Whalen, Director of Human Resources
  • Members of the Faculty Association
  • Members of the Administrative/Professional Group
  • Members of the Educational Staff Professionals
  • Members of the Maintenance/Custodial Staff
  • Students that represented the Auburn and Fulton campus

Mr. Edwards called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m.


Robert Frame, 4156 Jordan Road, Skaneateles, NY
Director of Theatre Operations/AP Association President

Stated that he would be remiss if he did not acknowledge the six members of his group that were laid off on Monday. He spoke on behalf of those and the nine hard working employees who were laid off never to be replaced. How will their work load be distributed? Mr. Frame thanked the Board for their time.

Doug Brill, 130 Dawson Avenue, Auburn, NY

Mr. Brill asked the Board to stand up and take responsibility for their actions with regard to the situation at the College.

Casey Pinder, 164 State Street, Auburn, NY

A student at the College, Casey stated that she wanted to reiterate from last month's Board meeting when she spoke that the students are aware of the situation at the College and that it affects them academically. It is a concern to her and many students at the College.



Mr. Edwards announced that the Board needed to adjourn into Executive Session to discuss personnel issues.

Motion to adjourn into Executive Session made by Mr. Kott, seconded by Mr. Karpinski and carried by unanimous voice vote.

The Board adjourned into Executive Session at 5:45 p.m.

At 7:13 p.m. a motion was made by Mr. Fearon to return to regular session, seconded by Mr. Kott and carried unanimously.



3.3.1 Retirement of President Daniel P. Larson

Dr. Van Buskirk read the following resolution and moved its approval.

Resolved, that the retirement of Daniel P. Larson from his duties as President of Cayuga Community College be accepted in accordance with mutually acceptable terms effective November 4, 2013 or on a mutually acceptable date thereafter. The Board of Trustees expresses its recognition of 6 years of service to the institution by Dr. Larson and wishes him a happy, prosperous, and fulfilling retirement.

Motion seconded by Mr. Kott and carried by a 6 to 2 roll-call vote with Ms. Bowen, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Fearon, Mr. Karpinski, Mr. Kott, and Dr. Van Buskirk voting "yes" and Mr. Camardo and Ms. Carnicelli voting "no".

Mr. Camardo stated that he does not agree with the terms of the agreement and could not vote for it.

Ms. Carnicelli thanked Dr. Larson for his service. She stated that while she agreed with the conditions of the agreement, she did not agree with some of the terminology used.

Trustee Edwards remarked on behalf of the Board of Trustees, and thanked Dr. Larson for his commitment and service to the College. He laid the groundwork for several initiatives that provide a path of where Cayuga can head in the future.

Dr. Larson expressed his gratitude to the Board and the College community, and said he has been an honor to serve as President of Cayuga Community College. I am grateful to the College trustees for their support and to the College community for stepping up to meet the challenges that Cayuga faces.



Dr. Van Buskirk announced that the Board has decided to work with a company called the Registry to locate an interim president. An announcement will be made soon and the Board looks forward to everyone's participation.



Mr. Kott moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Fearon and carried by unanimous voice vote. The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.


Recorded and transcribed by:
Carolyn L. Guariglia,
Secretary to the Board

Respectfully submitted:
John J. Klink,
Secretary, Board of Trustees