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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for March 23, 2011

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held Wednesday,
March 23, 2011, in the Business Industry Center, James T. Walsh Regional Economic Center on the Auburn Campus.


  • Mr. John M. Camardo
  • Mr. Jeffrey Edwards
  • Hon. George C. Fearon
  • Ms. Caryl M. Frame
  • Mr. John A. Karpinski
  • Ms. Pamela S. Kirkwood
  • Mr. Stanley J. Kott
  • Dr. Linda P. Van Buskirk


  • Mrs. Jane J. Bowen
  • Mr. Thomas E. Ganey


  • Dr. Daniel P. Larson, President
  • Diane L. Hutchinson, Vice President of Administration & Treasurer
  • Jeffrey E. Rosenthal, Interim Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs
  • Jeffrey L. Hoffman, Executive Director of the Foundation
  • Maggie Killoran, Associate Vice President/Dean of the Fulton Campus
  • John Taylor, Dean of Information Technology
  • Jo Ann Harris, Office Manager/Fulton Campus
  • Robert M. Frame, Director of Theatre Operations/President A/P Group
  • Susan Gilmore/Associate Professor/Faculty Association President
  • Margaret Spillett, Director of Public Relations and Institutional Communications
  • Scott Whalen, Director of Human Resources
  • Carolyn L. Guariglia, Board Stenographer

Mr. Camardo called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
Mr. Camardo asked for a motion that items 3.3.1 Purchase of P&C Property at River Glen Plaza and 3.3.4 Faculty Resignation be added to today's agenda.
Motion made by Mr. Edwards, seconded by Mr. Kott and carried following unanimous voice vote.



  • None



  • Mr. Camardo presented the Consent Agenda which consisted of the February 16, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes, the February 2010 Budget Statement, February 2011 Budget Statement, the February 2011 Monthly Bills totaling $944,327.39, the 2010-2011 Stipend Lists #14, #15 totaling $525,611.19.
  • Motion to accept and approve the Consent Agenda made by Ms. Kirkwood, seconded by Mr. Kott.
  • Motion carried following unanimous voice vote. (Appended 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4)



3.1 Buildings and Grounds

3.1.1 Purchase of the P&C Property at River Glen Plaza

WHEREAS, Cayuga County Community College wishes to purchase property to expand the Fulton Campus to accommodate increased enrollment and future projected growth; and,

WHEREAS, Cayuga County Community College has identified the P&C building located in the River Glen Plaza as a potential site to develop and expand the Fulton Campus; and,

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of Cayuga Community College in December 2009 authorized the purchase of the former P&C Property at the River Glen Plaza in Fulton; and,

WHEREAS, the County of Cayuga joined the Board of Trustees in its authorization of the $11.23 million project estimate to acquire, purchase, design, build-out, and equip the P&C building at the River Glen site by resolution dated December 17, 2009; and,

WHEREAS, the State University of New York passed a resolution approving the capital project submitted for approval December 2009; and,

WHEREAS, JHMPAC, Inc., ("Seller"), a New York corporation authorized to do business in the State of New York, having a business address of 411 South Salina Street, Suite 211, Syracuse, New York 13202 is owner of that certain parcel of land of approximately 51,698 square feet as identified on the Tax Maps in the City of Fulton, Oswego County, New York, as Tax Map No. 253.43-01-14.01, and being more commonly known as the former P&C Building at 11 River Glen Plaza, Fulton, New York 13069 desires to sell such property; and,

WHEREAS, Widewaters Pierce Drive Associates, having a business address at 5768 Widewaters Parkway, Syracuse, New York as successor in interest to Penn Traffic; and,

WHEREAS, Cayuga County Community College desires to purchase such property; and,

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees has reviewed such Agreement; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of Cayuga County Community College authorizes the President of the College to enter into negotiations and sign proposals for expansion of the College campus by resolution dated August 18, 2010 and further authorizes the County of Cayuga on behalf of and in trust for Cayuga County Community College to enter into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with JHMPAC for the purchase price of Nine Hundred Fifty Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($950,000), or enter into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with Widewaters, which purchase price shall be payable at closing.

Motion to accept and approve the Resolution made by Ms. Kirkwood, seconded by Dr. Van Buskirk.

Motion carried following 7 - 1 roll-call vote with Mr. Camardo, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Fearon, Ms. Frame, Mr. Karpinski, Ms. Kirkwood and Dr. Van Buskirk voting "yes" and Mr. Kott voting "no".

3.2 Finance

3.3 Personnel

Mr. Edwards presented the following personnel items and moved their approval.

3.3.1 Administrative/Professional Appointment:

  • RESOLVED, that Mohammad Hakimjavadi, of 49 Samantha Circle, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada be appointed to the position of Banner Support Specialist at an annual salary of $59,615 (Grade 5 of the 2004-2012 Administrative Professional Group Contract) effective April 1, 2011. This position was held by Rolf Mikkelson who resigned as of January 14, 2011.

Motion seconded by Dr. Van Buskirk and carried following unanimous roll-call vote.

3.3.2 2011-2012 Sabbatical Leave:

  • RESOLVED, that in accordance with Article XVI, Section Five, of the 2004-2011 Contract between the Board of Trustees of Cayuga County Community College and the Cayuga County Community College Faculty Association, a Sabbatical Leave be granted to: Patricia S. Gridley, Professor, for the Fall 2011.

Motion seconded by Ms. Kirkwood and carried following unanimous voice vote.

3.3.3 President's Terms of Employment 2011-2012:

  • WHEREAS, in accordance with the terms of the President's Contract, the Board of Trustees has conducted its 2009-2010 annual evaluation of the President; and
  • WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees has concluded that the President's performance has met all expectations; now, therefore, be it
  • RESOLVED that for the period August 1, 2010 through July 31, 2011, the Board of Trustees agrees to pay President Daniel P. Larson an annual salary of $150,000 retroactive to August 1, 2010 and for the period of August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2012, the Board of Trustees agrees to pay President Daniel P. Larson an annual salary of $155,000.

Motion seconded by Mr. Camardo and carried following unanimous roll-call vote.

3.3.4 Faculty Resignation:

  • RESOLVED, that the resignation of Marc Wildman, as Director of Learning Resources, be accepted effective April 15, 2011.

Motion seconded by Mr. Camardo and carried following unanimous voice vote.

Trustee Edwards gave a report and overview on the ACCT conference that he attended along with Trustees Kott and Kirkwood and President Larson.



4.1 President's Report

4.1.1 President:

4.1.1 President:

Dr. Larson stated the Trustees received a copy of his activities for February/March and gave the following President's report:

  • President Larson stated that he is honored to have the confidence of the Board and will continue to maintain that confidence. Dr. Larson attributed the success of the College to the extraordinary staff.
  • Enrollment - By the end of this enrollment year, we will have matched where we were last year.
  • Margaret Spillett, the new Director of Publications and Institutional Communications was introduced.

4.1.2 Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs:

Interim Vice President Rosenthal's report was distributed. He gave the following highlights:

  • Two packets of information were distributed to the Board. One - the regular monthly report, the second - information that reflects persistence and success at Cayuga. Table 1 consists of next term persistence rates; Table 2 consists of fall to fall persistence rates; Table 3 consists of developmental math course retention rates; and Table 4 developmental math enrollee success rates.
  • The faculty are moving forward to fulfilling a biology instructor position.

4.1.3 Vice President of Administration:

Vice President Hutchinson gave the following highlights from her report:

  • Overview of the revenue and expenses for the first six months of FY 2010-2011. In total, the College has received 76.3% of budgeted revenue in six months.
  • A worker's Compensation Safety training was held on March 9th for maintenance personnel.
  • A budget workshop will need to be scheduled during May with the Board.

4.1.4 Foundation Executive Director:

Executive Director Hoffman gave the following report:

  • There have been a lot of discussions about what role the Foundation should play in the Fulton Campus. A Special Board meeting will be scheduled in April to discuss this topic.

4.1.5 Fulton Associate Vice President:

Associate Vice President Killoran gave the following report:

  • The report explained that Sunday enrollment at the Fulton Campus since 2008 has more than doubled.

4.1.6 Associate Vice President/Deans: Associate Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs:

  • No report. Dean of Community Education and Workforce Development:

  • No report. Dean of Enrollment and Retention:

  • Dean Anderson's report was distributed to the Board in her absence. Dean of Technology:

Dean Taylor distributed his report and gave the following highlights:

  • A new IT governance structure was created and will meet in April.
  • The previous "Banner Council" has been examined and redesigned by a small Banner Council sub-committee. The new structure is called the "Cayuga Data Intelligence Group".
  • With the replacement of a wireless controller installed, there has been an increased availability of wireless.

4.1.7 Student Trustee:

Trustee Frame gave the following report:

  • In February, the Syracuse Opera came to the Auburn campus and worked with the chorus.
  • Thanked the IT department for increased availability of wireless connection.
  • There are more black belts than white belts in the Judo Club.
  • The Prom Dress Project will have a tally in April.



Mr. Kott gave an update on student housing.

  • The committee met a few weeks ago with LeChase Construction. They are still suggesting at 100 beds a cost of $60,000 per bed. Allow property space for 300 beds. The sub-committee felt quite encouraged. Have received Bob Ross' proposal. A few more things to do - land, engage our current architect, and update our demands study.
  • Will meet in two weeks and make a decision on our consultant.





  • A quote from Dr. Larson, who participated in a delegation of State University of New York community college presidents at a regional summit at the Community College of Philadelphia was noted.



  • Information items were noted.



  • Mr. Camardo announced that the Board needed to adjourn into Executive Session to discuss contract negotiations.
  • Motion to adjourn into Executive Session made by Mr. Kott, seconded by Mr. Edwards and carried by unanimous voice vote. The Board adjourned into Executive Session at 6:50 p.m.
  • A motion was made by Mr. Kott at 7:40pm to return to Regular Session, seconded by Ms. Frame and carried unanimously.



  • Mr. Fearon moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Kott and carried by unanimous voice vote.
  • The meeting adjourned at 7:41 p.m.


Recorded and transcribed by:

  • Carolyn L. Guariglia
    Board Stenographer


Respectfully submitted:

  • Pamela S. Kirkwood
    Interim Secretary of the Board of Trustees