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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for February 16, 2011

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held Wednesday,
February 16, 2011, in the Business Industry Center, James T. Walsh Regional Economic Center on the Auburn Campus.


  • Mr. John M. Camardo
  • Mr. Jeffrey Edwards
  • Hon. George C. Fearon
  • Ms. Caryl M. Frame
  • Mr. Thomas E. Ganey
  • Mr. John A. Karpinski
  • Ms. Pamela S. Kirkwood
  • Mr. Stanley J. Kott
  • Dr. Linda P. Van Buskirk


  • Mrs. Jane J. Bowen


  • Dr. Daniel P. Larson, President
  • Diane L. Hutchinson, Vice President of Administration & Treasurer
  • Jeffrey E. Rosenthal, Interim Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs
  • Jeffrey L. Hoffman, Executive Director of the Foundation
  • Maggie Killoran, Associate Vice President/Dean of the Fulton Campus
  • Carla M. DeShaw, Dean of Community Education and Workforce Development
  • Robert M. Frame, Director of Theatre Operations/President A/P Group
  • Susan Gilmore/Associate Professor/Faculty Association President
  • Bruce E. Walter, Instructional Assistant for Technology Services
  • Scott Whalen, Director of Human Resources
  • Pamela M. Freeman
  • Carolyn L. Guariglia, Board Stenographer

Mr. Camardo called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


  • None



  • Mr. Camardo presented the Consent Agenda which consisted of the January 26, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes, the January 2010 Budget Statement, January 2011 Budget Statement, the January 2011 Monthly Bills totaling $1,332,084.91, the 2010-2011 Stipend Lists #12, #13 totaling $1,411,965.85.
  • Motion to accept and approve the Consent Agenda made by Ms. Kirkwood, seconded by Mr. Ganey.
  • Motion carried following unanimous voice vote. (Appended 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4)



3.1 Buildings and Grounds

3.1.1 Cayuga Community College Service Recognition Policy

The Board of Trustees wishes to honor employees who have made lasting contributions though their service to Cayuga Community College. The following policy is intended to recognize employees who enhance the College's academic standing and support for students.

Criteria for Selection of Honorees

Honorees for Service Recognition will be those persons who have been employed by the College for a period of not fewer than twenty-five years. This service need not be consecutive years. Additional service will be recognized in five-year increments (30 year, 35 years, etc.). Recognition may be considered on a case-by-case basis for service of less than twenty-five years, for work of exceptional distinction, at the recommendation of the President. Honorees may be current employees, former employees or retirees.

The names of all employees receiving this recognition shall be added to a display at such place or places, and of such size, as determined by the Board of Trustees. Unless otherwise directed by Board of Trustees, all persons shall be recognized in perpetuity.


  1. A list of current and former employees who meet the above criteria as of December 31, 2010 shall be prepared by the Office of Human Resources for review by the President.
  2. The President will present the proposed list of honorees to the Board of Trustees at its March 2011 meeting.
  3. The Board of Trustees shall have final approval for all honorees.
  4. In subsequent years, a list of employees reaching twenty-five years of service during that calendar year shall be prepared by the Office of Human Resources for review by the President by February 1. The President will present the list to the Board of Trustees for consideration at its March meeting.

The policy was changed from twenty to twenty-five years of service and the vote was taken on that change.

Motion to approve the policy made by Mr. Ganey, seconded by Ms. Kirkwood and carried following unanimous voice vote.

Mr. Camardo stated that he has spoken to several Auburn School District officials regarding the sharing of Holland Stadium and the playing fields. Perhaps the College could contribute toward new turf.

Mr. Kott stated that he and VP Hutchinson met with representatives from LeChase Construction and the Student Housing Committee has invited them to their next meeting. They have done work at the Auburn campus and VP Hutchinson is familiar with them due to their involvement in construction projects at Wells and Aurora. They are experienced in design/build of academic construction.

They believe they can design and build effectively as small as 100 beds with an expected cost of about $60,000 per bed. They are able to do a complete turnkey project including financing, design, legal, and construction.

The Committee met with Bob Ross who was involved in the TC3 construction and is with a consulting firm out of Rochester. We have asked him for a proposal and what his cost would be.

3.2 Finance

3.3 Personnel

Mr. Edwards presented the following personnel items and moved their approval.

3.3.1 Faculty 2011-2012 Term Appointment(s):

In compliance with Article XI, Section 3, of the 2004-2011 Contract between the College Board of Trustees and the Faculty Association, the following individuals are recommended for renewal of their Term Appointment for the 2011-2012 academic year:

  • Philip J. Addabbo - Instructor of Business
  • Nicole Z. Adsitt - Developmental Studies Coordinator
  • Michael A. Cortese - Instructor of Music/Telecommunications
  • Maureen Erickson - Assistant Professor/Director of Assessment
  • Ngocanna P. Huynh - Assistant Professor/Psychology
  • Melissa Johnson - Instructor of Art
  • Theresa L. Misiaszek - Instructor of Criminal Justice
  • Patrick L. McPeak - Director of Student Development
  • Vita Marie Racko - Student Development Coordinator
  • Nathaniel Thomas - Instructor of Psychology
  • Amy Valente - Instructor of Business

Motion seconded by Ms. Kirkwood and carried following unanimous voice vote.

3.3.2 Faculty 2011-2012 Continuing Appointment:

In compliance with Article XI, Section Three of the 2004-2011 Contract between the College Board of Trustees and the Faculty Association, the following individual is recommended for Continuing Appointment:

  • Coordinator of Disability Services

RESOLVED, That effective September 1, 2011, Sharon Trerise be promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor and granted Continuing Appointment.

Motion seconded by Mr. Fearon and carried following unanimous voice vote.



4.1 President's Report

4.1.1 President:

Dr. Larson stated the Trustees received a copy of his activities for January/February and gave the following President's report:

  • President Larson stated that he has been in Washington, D.C. four times in the last thirty days. The first opportunity was to travel to Washington to attend the Blackboard Developmental Education Advisory Council meeting which deals with student success and completion to prepare students for college work. The Cradle to Career conference shows how we can put together career pathways for students. Attended a follow-up meeting with Policy 2 Performance (P2P). Attended the ACCT Legislative Summit and met with five members of our legislative representatives. They were staff personnel from the offices of Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; met with Congressman Bill Owens, Richard Hanna and Congresswoman Anne Marie Buerkle. Congressman Hanna sits on the Labor & Education Committee. Met with alumnus Bruce Burton who worked in the U.S. State Department.
  • Enrollment highlights - Current FTE for Auburn, Fulton and on-line equals 100% of final Spring 2010 FTE. We do not anticipate that we will be up 23%.
  • Attending a regional summit on community colleges that will be held in Philadelphia on February 28.

4.1.2 Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs:

Interim Vice President Rosenthal's report was distributed. He gave the following highlights:

  • The Spaces Committee is in the process of prioritizing recommendations for all hallways and instructional spaces on the Auburn campus.

4.1.3 Vice President of Administration:

Vice President Hutchinson gave the following highlights from her report:

  • The Financial Aid Office saw a significant increase in requests for financial aid in fiscal year 2009-2010.
  • The College has received another NYSERDA grant in the amount of $13,276 for performance based incentives.
  • George Anker has sent out a survey to all community colleges asking to provide what we would recommend for an increase in tuition if there was a cut in state aid.

4.1.4 Foundation Executive Director:

Executive Director Hoffman gave the following report:

  • Mr. Hoffman has made over 80 visits since September 1, 2010 to donors and prospects; President Larson has accompanied him on several. The Foundation is a hands-on business, not a retail business and involves a lot of one-on-one with donors and perspective donors.
  • The CCC Alumni Association recently traveled to Albany where as many as a one-third of the Associations are either folding their offices or merging with their Foundations. Our Alumni Association and Alumni Board are strong.

4.1.5 Fulton Associate Vice President:

Associate Vice President Killoran gave the following report:

  • Excellus gives us $14,000 grant to go toward nursing salaries; they gave us $4200 more this year.
  • Associate VP Killoran played a 7 second audio clip of the noise level at the Fulton campus during the busiest time of the day.

4.1.6 Associate Vice President/Deans: Associate Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs:

  • No report. Dean of Community Education and Workforce Development:

  • Offering 21% more courses this semester and gave credit to Stephanie Shuster for those results.
  • Working on having our first summer camp program and a summer brochure. Dean of Enrollment and Retention:

  • No report. Dean of Technology:

  • No report.

4.1.7 Student Trustee:

Trustee Frame gave the following report:

  • History Club is working on a website to let people in Cayuga County know the history of the area.





6.1 Date of March Board of Trustees Meeting

  • The date of the March Board meeting will need to be changed. The Board agreed to change the March meeting to Wednesday, March 23.
  • Mr. Camardo asked that the Board minutes be put on the College website.



  • Symphony acknowledgement was noted.



  • Information items were noted.



  • Mr. Camardo announced that the Board needed to adjourn into Executive Session to discuss Fulton property.
  • Motion to adjourn into Executive Session made by Mr. Fearon, seconded by Mr. Ganey and carried by unanimous voice vote. The Board adjourned into Executive Session at 6:50 p.m.
  • At 7:35 p.m. a motion was made by Mr. Kott to return to Regular Session, seconded by Mr. Ganey and carried unanimously.



  • Dr. Van Buskirk moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Mr. Kott and carried by unanimous voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.


Recorded and transcribed by:

  • Carolyn L. Guariglia
    Board StenographerInterim

Respectfully submitted:

  • Pamela S. Kirkwood
    Interim Secretary of the Board of Trustees