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College recognizes 2012-13 Cayuga Leadership Academy participants

DATE: 07-08-2013

Thirteen participants in Cayuga Community College’s 2012-13 Leadership Academy were recently recognized for their work on service projects that developed their professional skillset while enhancing the campus. Projects ranged from establishing an assessment process for administrative offices and developing a systematic plan to evaluate the library collection to inventorying and training people to use assistive technology and improving connections with our surrounding communities.

Launched in 2010, the 18-month, campus-based leadership development program focuses on honing the leadership skills of a motivated group of employees, each mentored by a senior colleague or past graduate of the academy.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in a program like this,” said Adjunct Professor Patricia Michel, who teaches history on the Fulton Campus. “At most places, adjunct faculty don’t get to participate in these kinds of professional development opportunities—not to mention be able to create new courses.”

Michel’s project resulted in a new course, The History of Women in Western Europe (1500 -the present), which will go through a review process and with faculty approval would be offered as early as next spring. The course offers a study of social and cultural norms which have evolved from the political and religious structures of the Western world.

Michel said the academy experience has inspired her to begin brainstorming other new courses she could develop.

Faculty member and student transfer counselor Eric Zizza worked with his mentor, webmaster Adam Williams, to assess the College’s capabilities in providing online student counseling and resources.

“I looked at our existing mode of student services (specifically transfer counseling) and found that we were underserving the growing segment of our population which identifies as online only,” Zizza said. “We then developed a two-pronged approach to enhance our online presence. This consisted of making use of “MyCayuga” [online portal] to better link transfer related resources for students. We also developed a Skype-based connection to my office computer to facilitate face-to-face appointment opportunities for students who are online only or unable to get to campus.”  

Carol Runge, director of institutional research and planning and co-coordinator of the Leadership Academy along with Chris Fama and Terry Kupp, said the program expands the leadership capacity throughout the entire organization and empowers participants to respond to the challenges the College currently faces through their individual projects.

Supported by the SUNY Leadership Institute and College administration, the academy helps participants enhance and strengthen leadership potential through an individual skill inventory, intensive half-day workshops, and other group activities throughout the first year. College employees who participated as instructors included John Callan, Chris Fama, Terry Kupp, Meg Osborne, Teri Misiaszek, Amy Valente, Christie Waters, and Adam Williams.  Mentors included:  Rebecca Devendorf, Maureen Erickson, Pat Gridley, Bill Lovell, Diane Hutchinson, Don Sanzotta, Sharon Trerise, Christie Waters, and Adam Williams.

In the second year, participants initiate and complete a project that supports their personal skill development and that may encompass the College’s strategic plan. The participants also work closely with a mentor.

The following individuals participated in the 2012-13 Cayuga Leadership Academy:

  • Jacqueline Caputa, Assistant Comptroller, Auburn Campus
  • Peggy Carroway, Instructional Assistant, Disability Services, Auburn Campus
  • Cindy Clark, Typist, Auburn Campus
  • Margaret Devereaux, Interim Library Director, Auburn Campus
  • Chris Fama, Adjunct Professor, Auburn Campus
  • Sue Gilmore, Associate Professor of Science, Auburn Campus
  • Patricia Michel, Adjunct Instructor, Fulton Campus
  • Sheila Myers, Coordinator of Experiential Learning, Auburn Campus
  • Danielle Nolan, Admissions Representative, Adjunct Lecturer, Fulton Campus
  • Kelley Rowley, Associate Professor, Fulton Campus
  • Kathryn Scozzari, Adjunct Instructor, Auburn and Fulton Campuses
  • Amy Valente, Business Instructor, Auburn Campus

Eric Zizza, Transfer Counselor, Auburn Campus