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Community Honors Standbrook

DATE: 08-23-2002

How do you recognize ten years of service, prominent leadership and unheralded accomplishments? That was the question Cayuga County Attorney Tom Stopyra and CSEA President, Marilyn Cowen asked each other when Ralph Standbrook announced that he would not seek re-election to the Cayuga County Legislature.

Soon after that announcement, the wheels started to roll, a committee of "Ralph" admirers was formed and the work began. Many ideas were brought to the table and almost like a bolt of lightning, the NASA, GIT program at Cayuga Community College struck a resounding chord. One of Ralph's greatest achievements was federal funds to support the establishment and growth of the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) Regional Applications Center and One-Stop Workforce Development Center to Cayuga County through the college. It is the only NASA center in the United States to be affiliated with a community college.

The committee decided that establishing a Ralph W. Standbrook Scholarship was an opportunity to further recognize Ralph's great work in a meaningful way, provide a lasting tribute and assist a deserving student. In late June, the committee sent numerous personally signed letters to friends, colleagues, associates, employees, businesses and vendors to seek their support to establish the Standbrook Scholarship. The response was wonderful and at the formal presentation made to Ralph last December, this endowed fund had over $12,000.

Mr. Standbrook had no inkling of this until the letters were sent out and do you think he is pleased? Just watch the twinkle in his eyes when it is mentioned. It is also fitting that Ralph will sit on the committee that selects the returning sophomore scholarship recipient.

The committee in addition to Mr. Stopyra and Mrs. Cowen, consisted of: Dr. Dennis Golladay, President of Cayuga Community College, County Legislator, Raymond Lockwood, (now Chairperson), then County Legislator, Joseph Michaud, Brutus Town Supervisor, Ann Petrus, Robert Brower, Director of RACNE, Andrea Seaman, a member of the County Legislative staff and John Rowe, Media Consultant. Special mention for many hours of work and input go to Sharon Walawender for her Administrative support and Maureen McKenna, Executive Director of The Cayuga County Community College Foundation.

Since its inception in 1982, The Cayuga County Community College Foundation, Inc. has sought donations for programs not funded through tuition and its sponsors: Cayuga County and New York State. The Foundation thanks the committee for the creation of this scholarship and to the many community donors who provided generous support. This is one of eight new scholarships founded in the year 2001, raising the number distributed by the Foundation to 235 commencement and scholarship awards, totaling $254,990.

About the CCCC Foundation
The Cayuga County Community College Foundation, Inc. is an autonomous body whose mission is to provide financial assistance for educational and other related programs of Cayuga Community College. The Foundation continually seeks to provide growth and improvement opportunities to the College, its students and staff through fund raising activities and through diligent fund management. This year, the Foundation will provide $450,000 in support to Cayuga students, programs, faculty and staff through grants and scholarships.