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Cayuga Community College Hosts Baltimore Police Recruitment Event May 14 in Auburn

DATE: 05-05-2011

The Baltimore City Police Department—the eighth largest police force in the United States—has selected Cayuga Community College to assist with recruiting in New York. Representatives from the Baltimore Police Department will offer its Civil Service Test at 10 a.m. on May 14 and its fitness test following the completion of the written test at Cayuga’s Auburn Campus, 197 Franklin St.

The test is free and open to any high school graduate (or the equivalent GED) 20 years or older with a valid driver’s license. No pre-registration is required.  The department is hiring 300 new officers this year and more next year.

“All applicants that pass both portions will be processed, and upon successful completion of the entire background process, they will be offered full-time employment with the department,” said Detective Gregory W. Ostrander, who is coordinating the recruitment event. “The Baltimore Police Department processes applications continuously and faster than most departments. There is funding for these positions and the spots need to be filled this year. We’re eager to get to the Cayuga campus and find some new recruits.”

The department selected Cayuga to be its recruitment center because of its central location in the state and because it has a strong criminal justice program. Currently, 427 Cayuga Community College students take criminal justice courses online or at the Auburn or Fulton campus.

“I think that this is a great employment opportunity for anyone who wants to enter into law enforcement,” said Cayuga Criminal Justice Professor John Lamphere.

 People interested in applying for a position are encouraged to show up 30 minutes before the start time and to bring athletic gear for the fitness test.

The written exam tests the areas that are important for success as a police officer, including the ability to learn, remember, and apply facts; ability to remember faces and details about people and events; ability to use logic and reasoning to solve? problems related to police work; and personal interests.

The fitness test challenges applicants to complete sit-ups (29) and push-ups (20 for men, 10 for women) within a minute, demonstrate flexibility, run 1.5 miles in 16:28 minutes, and control a firearm in both the weak and strong hand.

For more information, contact the Baltimore City Police Recruitment Unit at 410-396-2340 or visit the web site at and click “Join the Team.”