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New Web Program at Cayuga Matches Employers with Students, Alumni

DATE: 01-19-2005

Beginning in January 2005, Cayuga Community College is offering MyCareer, a free Web-based career service that showcases the qualifications of participating students and alumni to potential employers.

Through a pilot program developed by Chicago-based StaffCV, students and alumni can enter their educational profile and employment preferences in a searchable system for prospective employers. Standardized criteria permit accurate comparison of candidates? qualifications by employers, and help level the playing field for job seekers.

Employers of any size and type can register with Cayuga Community College to use the MyCareer system. The employer provides screening criteria to generate a “short list” of qualified candidates for a job opening. During this screening phase, a candidate's identity is confidential. Personal information is not revealed until the job seeker chooses to do so. The system automatically sends a confidential query to job seekers whose qualifications and preferences match the opening. Those interested in applying or interviewing for the position can indicate their willingness online. FedEx Ground in Syracuse is the first local employer to use MyCareer; the company is recruiting package handling employees.