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Scholarship Amounts and Recipient Selectors



Academic Discipline Scholarships: Science, Math & Engineering

Scholarship NameScholarship AmountRecipient Selected By
DePasquale, Selio & Kathryn Science Scholarship$586Science Faculty
Dinsmore, George and Helen Memorial Scholarship$1,000Science Faculty
Eisner, John H. and Sydell Memorial Scholarship$500Science and Math Faculty
Eldred, Weston D. Memorial Scholarship$300Science and Center for Academic Success Faculty/Staff
Fama, Claire E. & Frank A. Sophomore Scholarships$3,000Science/Math/Technology Faculty
Hayden, Jack M. Jr. Memorial Scholarships$2,138Financial Aid
Morgan, Dr. Avanelle P. Memorial Scholarship$624Science and Engineering Faculty
Seymour, James Sayre Memorial Scholarship$932Science and/or GIS Faculty
Standbrook, Ralph W. Scholarship$500GIS Faculty
Stapleton, Anne I. Scholarship$448Financial Aid
Thomas, Preston H. Memorial Scholarships$2,946Mechanical Technology Faculty

* FAFSA required. For details, see How to Apply for Financial Aid.