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Due to maintenance of our physical plant, ALL IT services will be unavailable starting 4 PM on FRIDAY, MAY 29, including BlackBoard, MyCayuga, and E-mail.

The full website and online Admissions application will also be unavailable during this time.

All IT services will be restored by 8 AM, Monday, June 1. IT will be working to bring services back online as quickly as possible. Status updates will be found at the College web page.

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Scholarship Amounts and Recipient Selectors



Scholarship NameScholarship AmountRecipient Selected By
ACC/CCC Alumni Association Scholarship - Freshman Student$500Scholarship Selection Committee of the ACC/CCC Alumni Association
ACC/CCC Alumni Association Scholarship - Nontraditional Student$500Scholarship Selection Committee of the ACC/CCC Alumni Association
ACC/CCC Alumni Association Scholarship - Returning Sophomore$500Scholarship Selection Committee of the ACC/CCC Alumni Association
Administrative/Professional Group Scholarship$500Financial Aid
Alexander, David F. Memorial Scholarship$110English Faculty
Alfieri & McColgin Nursing Excellence Scholarship$500Nursing Faculty
Alliance Bank Scholarship$858Financial Aid Director/Staff
Auburn Players Samuel V. Kennedy III Memorial Scholarship$200Auburn Players
Auburn Police Union Local 195 Scholarship$400Criminal Justice Faculty
Auburn Steel/Nucor Steel Auburn, Inc. Scholarships$1,454College Scholarship Committee
Aversa-Lynch, Josephine Memorial Scholarship$239Business Faculty
Babiarz, Claudine B. Memorial Scholarship$418Nursing Faculty
Bartolotta, Antonino & Matteo Scholarships of Merit$500Admissions
Bartolotta, Antonino & Matteo Technical Scholarship$500BOCES and/or County Schools
Bentley, James A. & Katie S. Memorial Scholarship$516Admissions
Blaisdell, Donald P. EAP Scholarship$246College Scholarship Committee
Blodgett, Dixon G. and Mary L. Memorial Scholarships$954Financial Aid
Bunn, Richard Memorial Scholarship$1,014Admissions
Buxbaum, Peter B. Memorial Scholarship$500English Faculty
Callahan, Patricia M. Scholarships$2,810Early Childhood Faculty and/or Liberal Arts Faculty
Carroway, Peggy Memorial Scholarship$500Center for Academic Success staff
Cayuga Bank Employee Memorial Scholarship$962College Scholarship Committee
Cayuga Bank Scholarships$492Financial Aid
Cayuga County Home Bureau Scholarship$418Home Bureau Committee
Cayuga County Medical Society Scholarship$250Financial Aid
Cayuga Presidential Scholarships$Full TuitionAdmissions
CCC Grants-in-Aid$200-$800Financial Aid
Dearing, G. Bruce & Betty Memorial Scholarship$550Humanities/English Faculty
DePasquale, Selio & Kathryn Science Scholarship$586Science Faculty
Dinsmore, George and Helen Memorial Scholarship$1,000Science Faculty
Eastern Shore Associates Insurance Scholarship$1,000Fulton Business Faculty
Educational Support Professionals Scholarships$200ESP Scholarship Committee
Eisner, John H. and Sydell Memorial Scholarship$500Science and Math Faculty
Eldred, Weston D. Memorial Scholarship$300Science and Center for Academic Success Faculty/Staff
Empire State Diversity Honors Scholarship$1,150Financial Aid
Fama, Claire E. & Frank A. Sophomore Scholarships$3,000Science/Math/Technology Faculty
Fleszar, Joseph S. Memorial Scholarship$780Science Faculty
Foresman Family Scholarship$1,000Financial Aid Director/Staff
Fox, Leo & Elizabeth Curtin Memorial Scholarship$1,910College Scholarship Committee
Fulton Savings Bank High School Scholarships$500Eligible High Schools
Fulton Savings Bank Scholarship$216Fulton Campus Committee
Gallager, Anne Drancsak Memorial Scholarship$1,452Nursing Faculty
Ganey, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Business Scholarship$1,090Ganey Scholarship Committee
George, Harry W. & Dorothy J. George Scholarships$898.66Financial Aid Director/Staff
Harrington Business Scholarship$323Business Faculty
Hart, Ryan L. Memorial Scholarship$1,122College Scholarship Committee
Hayden, Jack M. Jr. Memorial Scholarships$2,138Financial Aid
Holy Family High School Alumni Scholarship$870College Scholarship Committee
Honors Scholarships - Sophomore$1,000Honors Option Committee
Hornburg, Walter W. & Mabel C. Scholarships$1,274Financial Aid
Humes, William J. Jr. Memorial Scholarships$1,292Business Faculty
Jahn, Kenneth & Margaret Lesch Memorial Scholarship$2,996Admissions
Karpinski, Honey & Dr. Joseph F. Sr. Memorial Scholarship$2,708Financial Aid
Klein, Vincent M. Scholarship$2,128Admissions
Knight Foundation Scholarships$VariesKnight Foundation
Kulakowski, Sabina Memorial Scholarship$547Early Childhood Faculty
Labeille, Daniel C. Grant$3,253.69Foundation Committee
Long, Walter K. Memorial Scholarship$654Art Faculty
MacKay, Verna Bench Memorial Scholarship$498English and Early Childhood Faculty
Mahany, Maureen Memorial Scholarship$334Freshmen Nursing Class
Mahon, Helen C / Zonta Club of Auburn Scholarship$700Zonta Club of Auburn
Malvaso, Rocco Memorial Scholarship$956Financial Aid
McQueeney, Elizabeth Payne Memorial Scholarships$940Nursing Faculty
Morgan, Dr. Avanelle P. Memorial Scholarship$624Science and Engineering Faculty
Newcomb, Michael F. Memorial Scholarship$462Humanities/English Faculty
Norris, William & Esther Scholarships$450Admissions
Nursing Scholarships$1,000Financial Aid
Onderdonk, Jessica L. Memorial Scholarship$534Financial Aid and Admissions
Penchoen, Ruth Memorial Scholarship$824Foundation Committee
Pine, Joseph W. and Margaret G. Memorial Scholarship$1,050Nursing Faculty
Rizzo, Patricia K. Memorial Scholarship$308Patricia K. Rizzo Scholarship Committee
Rooker, Linda A. Nursing Scholarship$392Nursing Faculty
Scholarship Incentive Awards$500-$1,000Financial Aid
Schwartz, Herman & Margaret Scholarships$918Financial Aid
Seymour, James Sayre Memorial Scholarship$932Science and/or GIS Faculty
Seymour, Nataline Dulles Memorial Scholarship$962Nursing Faculty
Socci, Katie M. Memorial Scholarship$1,270Nursing Faculty
St. Alphonsus School Scholarship$946College Scholarship Committee
Standbrook, Ralph W. Scholarship$500GIS Faculty
Stapleton, Anne I. Scholarship$448Financial Aid
Stapleton, Dr. Thomas D. & Wilhelmina Meagher$804Center for Academic Success Committee
Stapleton, John E. Scholarship$448Financial Aid
Stephen, Josephine A. Memorial Nursing Scholarship$832Nursing Faculty
Sylvania-GTE-Philips Employee Association Scholarship$224Foundation Committee
Telcom Audio Production Scholarship$100Telecommunications Faculty and Staff
Testa Family Scholarships$702Criminal Justice Faculty
Thomas, Preston H. Memorial Scholarships$2,946Mechanical Technology Faculty
TRW-Auburn Electronics Division Scholarship$484Science/Technology Faculty
Walsh, Thommie Memorial Scholarship$500Committee of persons involved in the performing arts
Ward Family Scholarship$456College Scholarship Committee
Wetherby, John M. & Marjorie D. Scholarship$954Nursing Faculty
White, Lisa A. McLoud Memorial Scholarship$436Nursing Faculty
Wiggins Sr., Thomas James Memorial Scholarship$500Nursing Faculty
Winters, Dellaphene Memorial Scholarships$1,458Financial Aid
Wise, Jacqueline Kellogg Memorial Scholarships$860College Scholarship Committee
Zambito, Rose M. Scholarship$234Humanities Faculty

* FAFSA required. For details, see How to Apply for Financial Aid.