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This form cannot be approved until after you have been granted your 1st Degree

Students enrolled at Cayuga Community College have 90 credit hours to complete their Associate Degree.  Some students wish to obtain a second degree from CCC.  Before you make this decision you should be aware:

1.       There are presently limitations to the number of Pell Grants a student can receive while enrolled in an undergraduate program.  These regulations are applied regardless of the number of degrees you are pursuing.  Students can only receive the equivalent of six years of Pell Grant funding toward their Bachelor’s Degree.  What is used at the Associate’s level will be applied to this total if you decide to transfer to a four year college for your Bachelor’s Degree.

2.       The State of New York limits the number of TAP Grant payments to the equivalent of six semesters regardless of the number of degrees you are pursuing.  There is no waiver available to extend this limitation.

3.       There is a maximum undergraduate student loan debt a student can accumulate while in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree.  If you plan on pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at some time in the future, you will not be able to increase this maximum loan debt because you used more at the Associate’s level.

4.       At CCC you will need to complete your second degree requirements within 30 credit hours to be granted a waiver.  Students needing more than 30 credit hours will need to pay out of pocket for these additional credit hours.

Please complete the questions below:

What is the 2nd Degree you plan to pursue?______________________________________________________

What is the total number of credits you will need to complete your 2nd Degree?________________________

(attach your Degree Audit with this form)



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