Choosing the Right Classes

Advisement and Registration

What is advisement?

  • Having a connection with a faculty member to share information and to ease your concerns about career choices and college procedures
  • Gaining knowledge from a reliable member of the College regarding course selection, degree requirements, and career planning

Proper course advisement and registration are important parts of your experience at Cayuga Community College. Your advisor serves as a guide and resource when you have any questions about your college experience. Many times your advisor can provide connections for career information that can be invaluable to you as you plan for your future. Most advisors have regular office hours and set up individual appointments as needed. Like all campus employees, advisors use their College email account as a primary mode of communication.

You will be assigned an academic advisor shortly after arriving at Cayuga. Check your student account in myCayuga to find your academic advisor. If you are not assigned an advisor, and wish to seek advisement, you can do so in the following ways;

  1. You can request to be assigned to an advisor by contacting the Student Development Office in Auburn (M224). Student Development staff can be reached at 315-255-1743, ext. 2232 or 2230 on the Auburn Campus, or 315-592-4143 on the Fulton Campus; or you can email
  2. You can make an appointment with a Student Development Counselor. The Auburn Campus Student Development Office is located near the main entrance in M224. Student Development staff can be reached at 315-255-1743, ext. 2232 or 2230 on the Auburn Campus, or 315-592-4143 on the Fulton Campus; or you can email
  3. If you are taking courses entirely online and intend to earn a degree from Cayuga in that fashion, you should contact Ed Kowalski at

You should see your advisor when…

  1. You are thinking about dropping or adding a class but need some advice.
  2. You wish to seek advice on degree requirements.
  3. You need clarification on a college policy or procedure but you are not sure who to ask.
  4. You wish to register for classes next semester.
  5. You are interested in a second degree or certificate from Cayuga.



Each semester a period of about two weeks–called advisement/registration–is set aside for our current students. During this time, current students have first dibs on registering for the courses they want to take. You meet with your advisor to discuss course selection and degree requirements as well as other issues or questions that you might have. Advisors will post their available hours for advisement. It is your responsibility to sign up for an appointment with your advisor.

This is really important time for you to connect with your advisor to ensure you are on the right track to complete your degree requirements in a timely fashion. Meeting with your advisor helps you tailor your coursework to meet your goals and have a successful experience at the College.

Before you meet with your advisor, you should…

  1. Read the College catalog to determine the requirements within your particular degree.
  2. Review the semester course selection (available on the College web site) to determine the courses you think you’d like to select and when they are offered.
  3. Prepare notes for questions you wish to discuss.

By following this advice, you will have a more productive appointment with your advisor.

Note: Although it is in your best interest to register during the advisement/registration period to have the best course selection, you can register after that period by arranging to meet with your academic advisor at another time that is convenient for both of you. Or, you may seek advisement through one of the counselors in the Student Development Office.


Advisement/Registration Weeks

  • Students can find their academic advisors on myCayuga.
  • Students must make an appointment with their assigned advisor. Advisement appointment sheets are posted on advisor’s door a week prior to advisement/registration period. (Please see academic calendar for specific dates.)
  • If you are a part-time student, you may not be assigned an advisor. In this situation, contact the Student Development Office to arrange advisement.
  • To sign up for part-time classes without advisement, contact the Registrar’s Office in M243 on the Auburn Campus and in Room 281 on the Fulton Campus; call 315-255-1743, ext. 2217 or 2218 in Auburn or 315-592-9983 in Fulton; or email
  • Course offering will be posted online before the Advisement/Registration period begins.


Definition of Disciplines


Art, Language, , Music, Philosophy, Theatre Arts

Behavioral/ Social Sciences 

Anthropology, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Math and Natural Science

Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Math, Physics


English, Journalism, Literature, Speech

Liberal Arts

includes all previously listed disciplines and the honor’s seminar

For more information on degree programs, see your college catalog and/or your academic advisor or check out the web site.



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