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MyCayuga – Staff and Faculty FAQs

What is my Password and when will it be assigned?

A temporary password will be issued by a representative of Human Resources upon date of hire. Upon initial login you will reset this password to one of your own choosing.

I forgot my Password, how do I get it back?

Should you forget your username or password, you can always click the I FORGOT MY PASSWORD link on the myCayuga login page.

Can I change my Password? If so, how?

At this time, anyone can change their password once they are logged into the system. Under the "Personal Information" tab (will be the first tab listed) is a link called "Change your Password". You will be asked to enter the current Password first and enter and then re-enter your new Password.

I tried to login a number of times with an incorrect password. Eventually I remembered what my password is, but now it tells me my account was disabled. What does this mean and how do I fix it?

This is intentional behavior, locking and disabling an account after three failed password attempts. This is in place to protect you. In the absence of such protection, a simple program could be written to enter in every possible combination thereby "guessing" your password and gaining entrance to the system via your account. In this case, you simply contact the Help Desk at (315) 294-8568 and explain the situation to them. They will re-enable your account for you and you will be able to login once again.