My Current Classes

Fall Semester

English 098-ALP (Accelerated Learning Program) (Fulton)

English 101 First-Year Writing (Textbook: Writing Spaces)

English 102 Writing, Literature, & Critical Theory

English 120 Being Writers (1 credit)  Prerequisite: Engl 101 or concurrent enrollment in Engl 101. This course introduces students to different writer goals and practices through prompts and peer workshopping. Also included is a brief history of writing studies as a discipline and career opportunities.

English 250 Folkore “WI” (Fulton)–Read and write using imaginative fairy and common folktales from throughout the world.

Spring Semester

English 102 Writing, Literature, & Critical Theory

English 211-701 Creative Writing (Fulton & Online)

  1. In the Palm of Your Hand: The Poet’s Portable Workshop by Steve Kowit
  2. Writing Fiction by Gotham Writer’s Workshop

English 239 Videogame Narrative–Study character design and interactive fiction.  Learn to gamify narrative in this writing course.

English 250 Folkore “WI” (Auburn)–Read and write using imaginative fairy and common folktales from throughout the world.

Summer I

ENGL 104-701  Advanced Expository Writing–Create, express, and explain. Learn how prose is produced, can persuade, and is improved.

Other Select Courses

English 237 Film & Literature (Fulton) REPLACED BY CREATIVE WRITING THIS SEMESTER.

English 240 MythologyRead myths from six continents and learn about world cultures.

English 098: Sec SOM  SOMA Basic Writing

A course in basic writing intended for incoming students interested in Cayuga’s School of Media and the Arts (SOMA), the class includes writing assignments and associated readings supporting SOMA disciplines.  Participants learn to write more clearly and coherently through daily writing practice and by producing short manuscripts on song appeal, visual composition, media PSA, flash non-fiction, and dramatic performance.

English 238 01 ST: Writing about Loss (1-credit Individualized Study) Meetings TBA

Students read the professor’s research on personal writing as published in the book Death in the Classroom, complete and share short writings based on experiences and insight regarding love and loss.  The subject matter is likely to be emotional and individually significant.

English 238 02 ST: Written Invention (1-credit Individualized Study) Meetings TBA

How do writers generate their ideas?  Students in this class study approaches to rhetorical invention and practice with short writings based on individual interests.  Approaches will include freewriting & contraries, Aristotle’s topoi, Burke’s Pentad, tagmemic discourse theory, and Web 2.0 applications for writers.

English 238 03 ST: Revision Workshop (1-credit Individualized Study) Meetings TBA

Students read and respond to peer writings through class discussions and written commentaries.  Purposes and goals for the writing will be analyzed in order to identify writerly choices for improvement.  ASC resources will be used.  Drafts (10 pages or fewer) may consist of essay, research, fiction, drama, or poetic genres; however, the workshop requires manuscript drafts be in hand the first week of class.