Dr Richard Bower

Professor of English/ Writing

SOMA Writing Concentration Advisor

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee Chair



PhD in Writing, Teaching, and Criticism, SUNY Albany

MA in English/Writing, SUNY Oswego

BA in English, SUNY Geneseo

AA in Humanities & Social Science, Cayuga Community College

Workshops in Poetry, Fiction, Playwriting and Screenplays, Syracuse Downtown Writer’s Center

Certificate in Gamification, Coursera via University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School

Certificate (with Distinction) in Greek and Roman Mythology, Coursera via University of Pennsylvania



Cayuga Community College 2000-Present

Green River Community College 1998-2000

Bellevue and South Seattle Community Colleges 1999

SUNY Morrisville 1998–1999

SUNY Owsego 1997