Bold Beginnings at Pure Slush

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Many literary magazines have moved online.  And many of these are quality publications.  Learning to write better fiction or poetry requires reading, and writers learn a lot by studying current literature for magazines they’d like to submit.  Years ago, editors provided some role in helping writers improve.  With publishing going DIY and open distribution, editors have the opportunity to return to providing some instruction.

For example, here’s Matt Potter from Pure Slush explaining how to make story openings more bold. His Australian accent and use of for his illustrations are effective in ways editors in the past didn’t have the same means to pass on writing tips (or personal irritants that reject a work).



2 Comments on Bold Beginnings at Pure Slush

  1. susan tepper on Mon, 15th Jul 2013 6:32 am
  2. Matt Potter is one of the most careful (and considerate) editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with, both at his online magazine and in his print books and anthologies.

  3. Matt Potter on Mon, 15th Jul 2013 9:29 am
  4. Thanks for the mention. It made me smile … and go back to look at what I had said!

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